60 Minutes broadcast Communist Lies


From Neal Boortz’s Nealz Nuze , April 4th. 2005


Last night on ’60 Minutes Wednesday’ (yes, it’s still on the air, despite the forged documents fiasco) they kicked off the show with a story about the shooting of Giuliana Sgrena’s car in Iraq. That’s the communist journalist from Italy whose freedom was bought from her Islamic captors by the Italian government. By the way, she is a communist and she works for a communist newspaper, something you won’t hear too much of from the mainstream media (although 60 Minutes did get that right.)

At any rate, the piece last night by Scott Pelley included an interview with Giuliana Sgrena. In it, she continued to advance the lie that the U.S. Army attacked her on purpose, and that the official Army response was a lie. She says they weren’t speeding, that the were no warning lights and that the troops just started shooting for no reason. What a crock (more on that in a minute.)

In giving Giuliana Sgrena a platform to spew her leftist hatred against the United States, CBS and 60 Minutes continue their America-bashing tradition. The overall impression left from the broadcast last night is that the Coalition troops shot at Giuliana Sgrena’s car on purpose and killed the Italian intelligence agent on purpose. But wait…there’s a bit of news.

NBC is reporting that a preliminary report from the joint U.S.-Italian investigation concludes that the American soldiers did nothing wrong, and the Italians failed to coordinate the rescue with the U.S. Military. That would also mean they didn’t stop at the checkpoint.

In other words, Giuliana Sgrena lied, and CBS was right there to give her lie as much coverage as possible! A communist with a political agenda? Imagine our surprise!

This is not surprising with the institutional bias over at 60 Minutes, but it is very disappointing.

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