Setback For Democrats Winning Elections in Florida


It looks like it will continue to be difficult for Democrats to carry election wins in the state of Florida. A federal appeals court in Atlanta on Tuesday upheld Florida’s 160-year-old law enforcing a lifetime ban on voting rights for convicted felons.

Ex-felons sued in 2000 to get their voting rights restored when their sentences are finished, instead of having to apply through a complex system for civil rights restoration.

What is most interesting is that those who wish to have felons vote are using the race card stating that, “A total of 600,000 people in Florida are banned; 167,000 are blacks”, she said. The most interesting flaw in this argument is that racism is being claims against the 160 year old law is the following:

Florida first adopted its ban on felon voting in 1845, basing it on a “nonracial rationale.” Blacks were not allowed to vote at the time.

Looks like Democrats courting the felon vote have been provided a setback in their efforts to have felons vote while in the past military service men have been disenfranchised. It is hard to imagine that a Party would sooner go out of their way to count the votes of convicted felons over those serving to defend their country.

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