Jim Jeffords caught on tape


Jim_JeffordsDriving back from an appointment and listening to the Sean Hannity Show, I heard a recording of Senator Jim Jeffords caught on tape. It was amazing. I am unable to find a transcript, but the general idea of the conversation hit these points.

  • The war in Iraq was all about oil and re-election.
  • The Bushes will fight a war at a moments notice to help one of their families political fortunes.
  • The Bushes will fight a new war to get Jeb elected president in 2008.

I wish I had a transcript. To hear a sitting Senator says such things in public is atrocious and a little bit scary. When one of our enemies abroad thinks about doing something that could instigate an attack, they will invoke sitting Senator Jim Jeffords.

What a shame this man is in office.

UPDATE: Here is an article from the Valley News that has much more information on what Jefford’s said. Also Wizbang is on the hunt.

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