Wouldn’t it be nice to read, Microsoft tells EU to sod off.



EU Threatens Microsoft With New Fines Over Compliance With Ruling

By Raf Casert Associated Press Writer

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) – The European Union threatened Microsoft Corp. on Friday with new fines if the software company does not make it easier for competitors to see the blueprints of its server software and less expensive for them to use it.
After hearing from Microsoft’s rivals, the EU’s antitrust office found that the system the company had set up to improve the interoperability between its Windows server and other software companies was insufficient.

“Based on the market tests, it doesn’t seem to be working at all,” said Jonathan Todd, the spokesman for the EU’s antitrust office.

EU antitrust regulators fined Microsoft a record $665 million when they ruled last March that Microsoft abusively wielded its Windows software monopoly and locked competitors out of the market.

Imagine if Microsoft went to every one who bought their software in the EU and said, your correct, we are a bad company and not worthy to do business with any EU countries. We do not want your business anymore, here is a refund and we are revoking everyones license. The EU bureaucrats would be up in arms, and it would automatically make those countries not nearly as competitive as the rest of the world.

Yet these same bureaucrats are constantly nitpicking Microsoft. The lessons that the Clinton administration are well learned. Here is a company that has revolutionized computing, industry, business, and commerce with its software. Sure they are not perfect, but at the same time Microsoft is a DAMN GOOD COMPANY!!!

The EU countries with their inefficient and selfish socialistic work rules are running themselves down to the point that 50 years from now they will be subservient to the Middle East. They also act like 5 year olds, “If I can not have it, nobody can!!!”

The EU gets my loser of the week award.

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