Big Dig, More Like a BIG DUD


Every time they turn around its one disaster after another. If its not cost over runs, its ice falling from bridges or multitudes of leaks in the tunnels causing even further problems. The Big Dig is now a $14.6 billion tunnel and highway project and growing. That billion with a B. It was originally proposed in September of 1983 to cost 2.2 billion and to be completed in 1995. After 20 Years and billions of dollars later instead of the end in site they have more leaks and problems then they have ever had or at least what they have admitted.

over its 20-year history, came under intense scrutiny in recent months when outside engineering consultants made public some 700 leaks throughout the tunnels. That revelation came after a breach on Sept. 15 that sent water gushing into the northbound lanes and backed up rush-hour traffic for miles.

Since the September breach, the turnpike authority and its management consultant, Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff, have examined about 330 sections of tunnel walls for possible defects. Of those sections, they have found 38 defective panels.

After so many years one would think that there would be dare I say, light at the end of the tunnel. However, the continual leaks that are being found will only further delay the inevitable and increase costs to fix the repairs. It makes one wonder, what next?


The engineering specialist who led the investigation into leaks in the Big Dig says he can no longer say with confidence that the Interstate 93 tunnels are safe to drive in, according to a letter obtained by the Globe.

Jack K. Lemley, prominent tunnel consultant, also went on to write:

new information has surfaced that more than 40 large sections of tunnel wall contain construction defects and that fireproofing material has been damaged by leaks and fallen into the roadway.

In addition, he wrote, project officials have blocked him from obtaining records and data related to those problems.

When does this end? When does the stonewalling by management consultant, Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff and Turnpike chairman Matthew Amorello? Will it take a cave in and innocent people to die before anyone will take this serious? It has gone far beyond a money pit and has been escalated to a potential hazard to 100′s of thousands of daily commuters.

Massachusetts Governor has asked the Courts for a ruling whether Mat Amorello can be fired. Something must be done before people are seriously hurt by intentional incompetence.

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