We Waited 86 Years For This?


I love a good joke like the next person. I would have to as I have been suffering my entire life until last Fall when the Boston Red Sox finally won a World Series and made long suffering fans beyond ecstatic. People partied in the streets in Boston and all over New England. To the victors go the spoils they say.

Who knew this was a spoil?

I thought the show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” was humorous when I first saw it. However, after two shows the jokes got kind of old and I was over it. The first thought I had was what would happen to me if I offered to the networks, “Straight Hand for the Queer man”? I would probably be called a homophobe, so the idea died.

Any how after hearing that the Sox were going to do this, then reading out takes and seeing clips on ESPN at 8:00 in the morning I thought to myself what a colossal marketing disaster. Adult entertainment is one thing but did impressionable kids who still for some reason make ball players their hero’s need to hear sexual innuendo humor like this:

“Look at the Green Monster,”
“Can we change the name to the `Pink Sox’?”

Pink Sox? Wow, such words could get someone killed in South Boston. Then there were scenes where the Fab 5 are holding 2 baseballs in their hands and making references to holding Millar’s bat.

I just don’t know. I just do not think it was the right format or vehicle to market the Sox and by the sounds of Boston talk radio today many in Beantown thought the same. I admit I am bias because I am so over the show but I also have a real issue with ESPN that they would be so clueless to replay such explicit video for all ages to see in the morning.

My opinion is that if they felt the need to exploit marketing The Red Sox would have been better off getting make over with Stacy & Clinton on “What Not To Wear“.

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