The New International Bible (Fact or Fiction)


So we have a new Bible, it is not in street slang yet, but that is because the creators of this translation were not brave enough. By trying to combine the new Feminism of the Academy with a style that is aimed at todays youth, we have the bible rewritten. Hey no problem, they rewrite the constitution daily in the courts, this is no big deal.

From the Scotsman Newspaper

The International Bible Society, which is behind the new translation – the product of a decade’s work by 15 scholars – says it is essential that the Bible keeps pace with the changes in language. In TNIV, Mary is no longer “with child”, she is “pregnant”; Naboth is “stoned to death”, rather than simply “stoned”; “the fourth watch of the night” becomes “shortly before dawn”; “aliens” become “foreigners”, just in case the former conjures up images of little green men.

The most important change is that the new version is completely gender inclusive: male pronouns are not used to refer to groups of men and women. Mixed groups addressed as “brothers” are now “brothers and sisters”. “God created man” is replaced by “God created human beings”. This led to criticism from some evangelical groups in the US that it confuses traditional gender boundaries, although specific references to men or women are fully retained and God is still male.

I am not the biggest believer in the Queen’s English, but I still can not swallow the Good News Bible either. When I think of religion, I am thinking of a solemn and formal occasion. But those that are looking at changing the world have co-opted different religions for so long they have come to feel this is their private reserve.

The political correctness of the universities has long used the different religions to get their points out into the mainstream of society. They figure, if we can have it look as if the Church is behind these causes, then how can a politician stand in the way. And it has worked. My church, the Episcopal Church, has become the poster child for these radicals, and has ripped the church apart at the seams.

And now they have a Bible to use. I can not wait to see how it is introduced. First it will be an alternative, and within a short time if you do not like this bible, you are a bigoted homophobic racist SOB.

It is not fun.

Update : Michelle Malkin and Mcgehee also cover this topic very well!

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