Bumbling Brzezinski Bashes Bush


The man who led the the National Security Administration, Zbigniew Brzezinski, claimed at a conference in Oregon, has attacked US foreign policy by being too aggressive causing a rise in international terrorism and anti-Americanism.

This is the man who advised Jimmy Carter and was instrumental in creating the policies that weakened the United States over their disastrous 4 year presidency. I am sure in his eyes, we need to negotiate with the terrorists. It served our hostages in Iran so well.

He said the Bush administration’s trend of “dictating” to allies could turn the world against the United States.

“We could create the phenomenon of global terrorism that we claim to be fighting,” Brzezinski said.

Funny, the global terrorist networks were already in place, hitting us all throughout the Clinton Administration, but we never reacted, only making them feel we were to weak to respond. Ala Carter administration.

Bush has shown the United States strength, made sure the world knows that we possess it, and are not afraid to use it. The United State people have shown by re-electing George W Bush that we believe in how he uses the strength. And it is the US military which allows the world to live as peacefully as it does.

Brzezinski also blasted the current administration for eschewing bipartisanship to set foreign policy with top advisers who adhere to a narrow dogma “not conducive to the understanding of complex issues.”

Brzezinski would prefer us to install people who share his dogma. Well , Zbigniew, I hate to be the one to tell you this. Your nuanced politicians got us into the mess we are in now. Our people won the election, and fortunately for the people of the Ukraine, Palestine, Iraq, and many countries to come, our simplistic policies work.

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    One Response to “Bumbling Brzezinski Bashes Bush”

    1. BurbankErnie on March 12th, 2005 2:00 pm

      Sounds like Madeline Albright, doesn’t it? I believe there must be a Democrat playbook on how to appease Terrorists and win the friendship of the EU and the UN while dilipitating the US Military and Spy forces. It runs deep throughout every recent Democratic Foriegn and State Departments, and was HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by the Kerry Campaign.

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