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This is the time for the left and right to come together. The McCain Feingold Protection Act has been interpreted by a Federal Judge to include the internet. So far McCain has said that they will not enforce it, the FEC has said they will not enforce it, everyone has said they will not enforce it.

It sounds like speed limits. Almost every one does not enforce them, unless it is in the authorities interest to enforce the rule a specific time. You may have annoyed the officer previously by taking his machine at the gym. Or you are a stranger in town and they are low for their budget that month.

You can never trust a rule on the books that is enforced selectively. That gives too much power to those who take issue with your actions. And never leave a rule that can empower someone when they need that extra bump to get over the edge.

So what can you do? A collection of bloggers from every part of the blogosphere has come together with a letter imploring the FEC and the politician to define the campaign finance regulation regarding the internet specifically so there is no room for interpretation. Please sign this letter.

You can help send a message. If you have a blog , sign the letter. If you read blogs, sign the letter.

We thank you for your support now. You will thank those that put this together in the future.

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