JayTea at Wizbang has finally had it with our military


Jay Tea has had it with the military. And to be honest, I agree with him.

I have to say I am absolutely disgusted with our military this afternoon in regards to Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena’s treatment at the hands our military. After being held for a month by Iraqi insurgents, she was released to Italian Secret Service officers. But while transporting her to freedom, their car was shot up by U.S. forces manning a checkpoint. One of the agents was killed, and Sgrena was slightly wounded.

According to this account in the Guardian, US forces fired “300 to 400 rounds” into the car.

This is what I am disgusted about. An anti-American “journalist” for a Communist newspaper is allegedly “captured” by insurgents, then released. On her way out, our forces shoot 300 to 400 rounds at their car. And the result of all that firepower? One killed, three injured — none apparently very seriously. Then they treat them and send them home.

If we are going to use 400 rounds, it should have been a hulking mess. Of course, putting on my “Master of the Obvious” hat, there may not have been that many rounds fired… hmmmm

It could never happen, a rabidly anti-US anti-war reporter working for a communist newspaper making a inaccurate and misleading comment designed to undercut our military?

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