Government Shuts Down as Democrats Block Continuation … CNN Poll Says DACA Not Worth the Shutdown



As the U.S. government shut down last night, actually only those jobs and individuals with non-essential functions. An interesting thing happened, many are actually holding Democrats responsible. A CNN poll states that 56% believe that DACA not worth a shutdown of the government, while just 34% choose DACA over a shutdown. The Democrats are the only ones who chose illegal aliens over American citizens and the brave men and women of our Armed Forces. Democrats break narrowly in favor of DACA as 49% say it’s more important vs. 42% who say avoiding a shutdown is the priority. However, majorities of both Republicans (75%) and independents (57%) say avoiding a shutdown is more important. It is easy to put forth a poll that says, who is to blame. Of course the LEFT and Never-Trumpers will always blame the Republicans and Trump. However, to ask the question as to was DACA worth shutting the government down is telling.

Democrats are going to have a hard time in 2018 telling the American people they first, did not want them to keep more of their own money with regards to Trump tax cut and now, that illegals are more important than American citizens.

Cnn poll DACA shutdown

With hours to go before a midnight deadline for Congress to fund the government or shut it down, most Americans say avoiding a shutdown is more important than passing a bill to maintain the program allowing people brought to the US illegally as children to stay, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS.

But Democrats taking a hard line on legislation connecting government funding to the popular program known as DACA appear to have the backing of their constituents, and more overall say President Donald Trump or the Republicans in Congress would be responsible for a shutdown if one happens.

Overall, about half of Americans say they would blame either Trump (21%) or his Republican counterparts in Congress (26%) should Congress fail to fund the government by the midnight Friday deadline. About a third, 31%, say they would hold the Democrats in Congress responsible, and another 10% say they’d blame all three groups. Among Republicans, 62% would blame the Democrats in Congress, while 43% of Democrats would blame Republicans on Capitol Hill and 29% would blame Trump.

Fox & Friends 1/19/18: Rep. Ron Desantis (R-FL) Calls For Declassification of Damning House Intel Docs for the American People to See (VIDEO) … #RELEASE THE MEMO



And now we know why United States Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein fought tooth and nail to not release these documents. It was a CYA. It does appear that the  Obama administration did use intel from the “dirty” dossier to surveil Team Trump. The insurance policy was the witch hunt investigation. We are starting to connect the dots with actual evidence where the real corruption and collusion really was.

During the interview on Fox & Friends Desantis said while he was reviewing the memos, “You have got to be kidding, I can’t believe they did that.”

Sean Hannity Special Message to Robert Mueller … Your Witch Hunt is Now Over!!! (VIDEO)



This is absolute must see TV!!!

Via The Gateway Pundit: Sean Hannity dropped a bomb on Special Counsel Robert Mueller tonight–

Sean Hannity: Based on today’s events I have a message tonight for Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Your witch hunt is now over. Time to close the doors… It is more disturbing than we thought. And right now our sources are telling us that the abuse of power is far greater than Watergate… What we are talking about tonight are the abuse of the powerful tools of intelligence that we use to spy on people. Those tools were used against an opposition candidate, and president elect and his entire team. And it was done not only under false pretenses but with the with help of Hillary Clinton. She bought and paid for the dossier that they filled with Russian lies…

The Dow’s 31% Gain During President Trump’s First Year … Best Since FDR



The stock market and the economy is booming because of President Donald Trump’s vision of lower taxes and less business regulation. The Dow Jones was up 31% during President Trump’s first year. There is no dot com bubble, it is not an economy propped up on speculation or by the Fed. Americans are at an all-time high with consumer confidence, and why shouldn’t they? The Dow is at 26,000 and counting. Unemployment continues to go down as black and Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low. Everyone is benefiting from the Trump economy. All this and the US economy has not even felt the full effects yet of the Trump-GOP tax cuts. It is time to give President Trump his due.

  • The 30-stock index has surged more than 31 percent since Trump’s inauguration.
  • That marks the index’s best performance during the first year of a president since Franklin Roosevelt.
  • “You’ve got lower taxes, less regulation and confidence in the economy is high,” said one investor.
  • The S&P 500 has surged 23 percent during Trump’s first year in office.

Donald Trump thumbs up


Donald Trump lifted the Dow Jones industrial average in his first year in office more than any other president since Franklin Roosevelt.

The Dow has surged more than 31 percent since Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017. That marks the index’s best performance during a president’s first year since Roosevelt. The Dow skyrocketed 96.5 percent during Roosevelt’s first year in office

“This is all about policy,” said Bruce Bittles, chief investment strategist at Baird. “You’ve got lower taxes, less regulation and confidence in the economy is high. Things are firing on all cylinders.”

Trump quickly moved to cut regulations enacted by previous administrations. He also successfully pushed to overhaul the U.S. tax code. That revamp included slashing the corporate tax rate to 21 percent from 35 percent.

Reps. Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz on FISA abuses (VIDEO)



The gig may finally be up on the real collusion that took place between Democrats, the FBI, the DOJ and the Obama Administration is a coup effort to interfere in the 2016 presidential election and prevent then, Donald J. Trump, from winning.

Rep. Gaetz stated that after reviewing the documents, “the entire Mueller investigation is a lie, built on a foundation of corruption.” He stressed the need to get this information into the “public square” so that the People can see the corruption and collusion.

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