Group of ‘Fight for 15″ Protesters Told to Leave Business Because They Were Hindering Work (VIDEO)

Lazy, entitled “Fight for 15′ protesters are asked to leave a TACO Bell in Austin, TX where they were hindering someone trying to work ..

What a joke the “Fight for 15″ truly is. If these people actually knew what it was like to work for a living, they might have a shred of credibility. But these entitled, slack-asses would rather protest and interfere with others right to work and do their job. It is an amazing concept that that making the minimum wage do not comprehend the definition of the word minimum. Maybe they should have been paying more attention in school.

A minimum wage was never meant to be a living wage. NEVER! A job with a minimum wage was never meant to be a career nor meant to be a sole full time job for someone who had kids. It was a starter job not something you strive for. The current minimum wage is between $7.25 and $11.00 depending on what state you live in and these clowns want to raise it to $15.00. Really, who thinks that the last person who could not give proper change back at the last fast food restaurant you were in or the lack of courtesy you were provided should have their pay doubled? Just curious … if the minimum pay is made $15, what happens to the people that were making $15/hr, or $20? Are you going to tell em that their wages should not be increased as well where as all of a sudden, people who were only worth $7.25 are now making more they they are truly worth.

A note to the “Fight for 15″ crowd … DON’T ASK FOR THINGS THEY MIGHT COME TRUE. If this BS is actually passed, all of you making $7.25 will most likely be fired and more competent people worthy of $15/hr will be taking your place. Or, if it were me I would automate the system and completely eliminate your position. How difficult would it be to replace order takers with kiosks both inside and outside to go? And sliding your credit or debit card into a machine to pay like at a gas station? Actually, I am surprised this has not been completely done already.

The Blaze:

A group of “Fight for 15” protesters invaded a Taco Bell restaurant in Austin, Texas, on Thursday and invited a worker to go on “strike” to demand more money and better working conditions.

The protesters’ message wasn’t well received by the employee, who said she just wanted to do her job.

After one protester informed her it was a “day of action,” the employee responded sharply, “This is also a job that I am trying to do.”

“Y’all are hindering my work, you may leave the building,” she added.

Daily Commentary – Tuesday, April 5, 2016 – The 16,500 Member National Border Patrol Council Has Endorsed Donald Trump

  • Breaking with the AFL-CIO which has not endorsed a candidate but is strongly apposed to Trump

Daily Commentary – Tuesday, April 5, 2016 Download

Anti-Trump Protesters Take Over Janesville, Wisconsin Holiday Inn Where Donald Trump Is Set to Speak Tuesday


Ahead of a Donald Trump speech at a Holiday Inn in Janesville, Wisconsin, six protesters were arrested and could face trespassing, disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer charges. My first thought after reading this was just 6 arrested? My second thought was could face charges? Folks, its not free speech when you trespass on private property and disrupt a business. Then again, its not like any of this fools work.

Makes me just want to stay at a Holiday Inn.

Six protesters were arrested and could face trespassing, disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer charges after dozens initially entered the Holiday Inn Express on Monday evening as part of an anti-Donald Trump protest.

Janesville Police Sgt. Mike Blaser said police gave the protesters several opportunities to move out of the building without being arrested but they refused.

“I think tonight is just an indication in a smaller scale of what we might see tomorrow,” Blaser said. “We’ve been planning for several days and we will have assets on the ground to help us manage whatever size crowd we do get here tomorrow.”

Trump is scheduled to speak at the Holiday Inn at 4 p.m. Tuesday.

The six protesters arrested would not identify themselves to police before booking, Blaser said. They had joined hands inside of PVC piping and may have also been handcuffed inside the piping, he said.

The protesters used “professional” tactics, including having their own medic on scene, he said. They were members of the Showing Up for Racial Justice and Groundwork Madison groups.

Daily Commentary – Monday, March 14, 2016 – So Protesters Backed by Move-On.Org Distrupted the Trump Rally in Chicago

Daily Commentary – Monday, March 14, 2016 Download

Trump Rally Postponed in Chicago Due to Large Crowds of Protesters and Security Concerns … 5 Arrested


Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago yesterday was cancelled due to protests and risks of violence. So why did this occur in Chicago? The escalation of violence that occurred later that night during the protests were appalling. Honestly I can’t believe Trump allowed himself to get shut down by the protesters and let them win. It is a sad day in America that free speech gets shut down by others who do not wants anther’s free speech to get out. Then again, it did happen in Obama’s Chicago.


Donald Trump was set to rejoin the campaign trail Saturday only hours after calling off a rally in Chicago as clashes broke out between some of the thousands of supporters and protesters in attendance.

Interim Chicago Police Superintendent John Escalante said five arrests were made and two police officers were injured at the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion on Friday night where the Republican presidential frontrunner was scheduled to hold his rally. When an announcement was made saying the rally was postponed, pushing and shoving broke out as it took about 30 minutes for police to clear the building.

In separate interviews on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, Trump said he feared for the safety of the thousands in attendance.

“I just felt for the benefit of safety, I don’t want to see people hurt,” he told MSNBC shortly after his rally was postponed.

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