US/Mexico: The Search for Missing & Murdered David Hartley Continues on Falcon Lake … Friends & Family Protest at Mexican Consulate in Colorado

There are questions abound and rightfully so in this case; however, what no one can question is the violence on the US-Mexican border. Did it come as a surprise to Americans that there were Mexican pirates operating so close to the US border? Not Somalian pirates, Mexican ones.

The search continues in the United States-Mexico border lake for missing and presumed murdered David Hartley. However, to date there has been no body found. Searches continue, even though there were threats of an ambush from drug gangs temporarily thwarted efforts.

The story is bizarre to say the least. The wife’s story had initially been questioned by Mexican authorities. That’s is a dicey comment to state publicly, no matter if authorities believe it to be true or not with Tiffany’s story. Remember, this is Mexico, where police corruption and drug cartels rule the day.

But on Monday, a Mexican official seemed to question whether the attack took place at all.

In a statement, Marco Antonio Guerrero Carrizales, district attorney for the Miguel Aleman Province, writes, “We are not sure. We are not certain that the incident happened the way they are telling us.”

CBS News correspondent Don Teague reports that family members have countered by criticizing what they see as a lackluster search effort by Mexican authorities.

Let’s keep in mind that this area is prone to violence. There had been previous attacks and people were warned about the area. Personally, I would go no where near Mexico or have my family members there, but that’s me.  Please try to not compare Mexico is the US and how things are done. Mexico is not only a completely different country, its a completely different world.

However, there is a witness and blood evidence that was discovered to support. Zapata County’s sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez stated that he has blood evidence from the life vest of Tiffany Hartley, the wife of David Hartley, that supports her story. But does it really? All it supports is that David Hartley is dead. I would like to think we as a society have not become so jaded that we dismiss the words of the wife over that of Mexican authorities. However, that is not to say we do not have the right to speculate and question if the story does not add up, like in the case of murdered honeymooner George Smith.


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