Jamie Skeeters Passed Away Today … Rest in Peace Jamie

Scared Monkeys lost a friend today when we learned that Jamie Skeeters passed away. This came as quite the shock this evening upon learning the news. You will be missed Jaime, Rest in Peace.Skeeters Prayers for you and your family from all of us at Scared Monkeys.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It is with great sadness that I inform you that our friend Jamie Skeeters passed away today. He was in his seat on a connecting flight in Memphis, TN, at the time. His lovely wife Kay asked me to pass this message on to you.

Please keep her and their family in prayer.

Bob Heard, CAPE Secretary

On a personal note. I have spoke to Jamie on numerous occasions, much of what was discussed was background information, sensitive and not to be repeated. Our conversations would go on for hours discussing the Natalee Holloway case and so much more. A simple 10 minute telephone call had a habit of turning into hours. But that is how Jaime was to deal with, easy to talk to and a wealth of knowledge. Jamie Skeeters’ professionalism was always apparent. I thank Jamie for the trust and respect he had in Scared Monkeys and myself to confide in me and ask my opinion on many matters. I will miss our talks Jamie, I already do.

You will be truly missed, God bless and rest in eternal peace.


Breaking – Kalpoes Sue Dr. Phil – Holloway Family and John Q Kelly Answer With Wrongful Death Suit

We are getting reports in that there has been a flurry of legal activity in the Natalee Holloway disappearance. This is all breaking rather quickly and we will update when we get solid information in. First Satish and Deepak Kalpoe filed a lawsuit against Dr. Phil for playing the edited video tape created by investigator Jamie Skeeter. This is where Deepak allegedly said that they all had sex with Natalee “you would be surprised how simple it was”. Then in a surprise move, John Q Kelly filed a suit on the behalf of Natalee Holloway’s family against Deepak and Satish Kalpoe for wrongful death in a California court.

“All we want is justice for our daughter,” Twitty said in a press release issued about the civil case. “There is no doubt in my mind that Deepak and Satish played a role in my daughter’s death and should be held accountable. It’s unconscionable that they have not been punished so far.” Allegations against the Kalpoes, who are residents of the Caribbean island where Natalee Holloway was traveling on a class trip when she vanished without a trace, say the brothers caused her death by “intentionally, negligently, wantonly … unlawfully conducting themselves,” bringing about injuries that proved fatal. Foxnews

Again, the details are just coming in to us, so if you have any specific pertinent information, please leave it as a comment. As we get more information we will update the story as quickly as possible.

Update: FoxNews has an article up on the lawsuits. And Video. So does People Magazine. And the AP Story.

From the Kelly Group: Natalee Holloway’s Parents File Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Arubans Deepak and Satish Kalpoe

A Copy of the Lawsuit filed in Court by the Holloways.

Amigoe: The Suspects in the Holloway-case will not be interrogated

One would have thought this matter of volunteer questioning would have been discussed by Steve Cohen back in the very beginning when the issue was brought up that the three suspects would be brought in for questioning?

It is expected that he will be re-questioned somewhere in the next 10-day period. I doubt that they will bring him back for questioning immediately, but it will be in that period. And also, it is expected the Kalpoes will also be brought in for questioning.

But as we later learned from Steve Cohen, “we all misjudged the process”. Did we? Or did we all just believe what we were being told by those who were put in charge to make sure that the American Press got the correct information and did not report erroneous information?

Amigoe: January 11, 2006; The suspects in the Holloway-case will not be interrogated

ARUBA — The three suspects in the Holloway-case will not be interrogated for the time being. Steve Cohen, spokesperson of the Strategic Communications Task Force announced in several American media that they would be interrogated. But suspects cannot be forced into new interrogations, unless there is new evident, which is not the case.
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Weekend Rewind: Things you may have missed with the Natalee Holloway story (Steve Cohen & Reasons for the Aruban Boycott)

Some of you may have missed the following two stories posted over the weekend. Must read posts if you have not already done so. Special thanks to the many that helped with writing and research.

There has been constant references from Aruban spokespersons to the tapes being the reason for the Aruban boycott. Read the real reason why one exists.

Natalee Holloway: Aruba, Stop Spinning. The Real Reasons Why There is a Boycott in of Aruba

Also from the weekend, Steve Cohen named new Government spokesperson. The Holloway & Twitty families asked for certain changes be made in the investigation and prosecution teams to shed nigh light and a new direction of the investigation of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. If this was done, the boycott would be nipped in the bud. Aruba’s answer, a new spokesperson. Is nothing ever learned?

Natalee Holloway Investigation: Steve Cohen appointed as spokes person for Aruba (Let the Spin Begin)

Natalee Holloway: Aruba, Stop Spinning. The Real Reasons Why There is a Boycott in of Aruba

Please; Aruba, officials, Task Force, Defense attorneys … stop spinning the reason for the boycott. I can understand why you would be against it, but the talking points that the “manipulated” tapes are the reason for it is a non starter and factually incorrect. I have now heard the third person tonight repeating the same line stating that the tape caused the boycott. IT DID NOT.

Before the Aruban Strategic Communications Task Force sends out its representatives on the media talk shows they may want to check out their own web site, Aruba the Truth, and take a look at the very first post they ever did, ‘Jug Twitty’s letter to Alabama Governor.’ The Alabama legislature passed a resolution to a boycott in July. It was the family that prevented the boycott as at the time they did not think it was the proper time. It was the family that spoke with Governor Riley and asked him to hold off. Gov. Riley was ready to boycott Aruba in late July and did not at the family’s wishes.

Does the Strategic Task Force and Aruba the Truth read anything that they write? They are claiming that the Dr Phil Tape is responsible for the boycott, yet they have forgot about the following article they wrote, Dave Holloway Says No Boycott and Task Force Finds Volunteers For New Search. Remember that one?

Natalee Holloway’s father was very clear in the interview that he does not agree with Dr. Phil McGraw’s call for Americans to boycott Aruba.

So even after seeing and hearing the interview, Dave Holloway did not back the boycott. As Dave told Scared Monkeys a couple of days ago, “its just one piece of evidence.” “I am not going to sugar coat it. Its was everything, not just the tape”. So how can it be about the tape when at the time it was shown and Dr. Phil called for a boycott; Dave Holloway said, no. So it must be about something else.


What is it about? The following was emailed to us from one of our Scared Monkey’s, TidyCat. I think they pretty much sum up what caused the family and Dave Holloway to support a boycott.

It is about a multitude of things. To blame the tape is myopic and just plain foolish. To hear Aruban officials, representatives of the Task Force, Tourism officials and Defense council make they same comments is nothing short of convenient and suspect. Get to solving this case and remember this is about a missing teenage girl named Natalee Holloway.

The following is a detailed account as to the real reasons for the boycott as per Tidycat.



The Holloway-Twitty families requested that Americans consider not traveling to Aruba until Aruba’s Justice Department takes appropriate action to resolve Natalee Holloway’s disappearance. The main reasons why they took that action are shown below. Natalee’s father, Dave Holloway, her mother, Beth Twitty, and volunteer Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch, also explained their experiences during televised interviews (excerpts shown below). This document was compiled from public information by an individual not connected in any way with the Holloway-Twitty families and is that person’s understanding of this issue only.

1. Aruban Law Enforcement (ALE) Attitude Toward the Investigation and Lack of Cooperation With Natalee’s Family and Volunteers. a. The Prosecutor in charge of this case, Ms. Janssen, has refused to meet with Beth Twitty. This is considered a routine courtesy in the United States for a prosecutor to liaison with the victim’s family. Beth’s phone calls are not returned, and when she tried to meet with Ms Janssen on her latest visit to Aruba, she received a letter saying Ms. Janssen did not have time to meet with her during her three-day stay. During the investigation, and early on, Ms. Janssen and Van der Straaten threatened Beth and Jug, saying that unless they stopped talking about the case publicly they would stop the entire investigation. This is simply incredible treatment of a victim’s family.

b. Dave Holloway (Interview with Greta Van Susteren, On the Record, FOX News, Nov. 4, 2005):

Greta: Let me talk a little bit about the letter. One of the things that made me almost fall out of my chair when I read the letter is that around June 1st when you arrived after being notified that your daughter was missing is that you went around the island including the police station talking to a detective Dennis Jacobs. When you went in there to see him he made a remark asking you when you’re looking for your daughter if you have any money. Tell me the facts surrounding this discussion.

Dave: Well, when we first arrived on the island we rented a car. We stopped at two different police stations and explained the situation. I explained that I am the father of Natalee Holloway and she is missing. The first comment was would you like to file a complaint? Finally after talking to several officers in those two police departments, they indicated they were not aware of any disappearance and not aware of any complaint. So the directed me to the Noord police station which supervises the area around the Holiday Inn. When I arrived at that police station, the detective knew I was coming and I was frantic as you can imagine a parent being who has their daughter missing. I walked up to the front desk accompanied by my brother and brother in law. I identified myself as the father of Natalee Holloway and Jacobs got up from his chair and grumbled “Well, how much money you got?” We were just stunned and everyone finally came together and we met in the back room He basically told us “Aw, this happens all the time, go down to C&C and have a beer and just wait on her and she’ll show up.” We questioned his tactics and wanted to know if a search was being conducted. He just looked at us and said “Why would you want to do that?” “Think positive, you’re thinking negative.” I said well the first few days are the most critical. He indicated to us you are on the wrong page and you need to go search a drug house or whatever. And then he made the comment that “Look, I need to get with you guys. There have been some reports that some of Jugs friends have been busting up in some of these crack houses.” I was again floored. I thought how do you know about crack houses and who’s up in them, but you are not even aware someone is missing? You know, give me a break.

Greta: Dave, did you get the sense that his remark about money was a very bad joke or that he wanted money from you to pursue the investigation?

 Dave: I don’t know, sometimes I wonder now what the real motive is. I met with them again this past week and again one of the references was how money do you have and how long can you continue searching for your daughter. He said “Most of these cases we would have quit investigating long ago.” That’s when I decided we need a change.

Greta: Natalee Holloway’s father recently asked the deputy chief to do him a favor and he was turned down. Dave, what was the favor you asked of Deputy Chief Gerold Dompig?

Dave: We felt that we had a real key witness that I felt if he was interviewed properly that it could break this case. I went to the chief and expressed my concerns with the investigative team for one. I mentioned this witness as well. We had been watching the witness and knew he was very nervous. We felt like the time to strike is now while the iron is hot. I spoke with him that day, and the next day I called him early that morning. I asked him, “Gerold do me a favor. I’ve hung with you this long and can you please, please handle this interrogation?” I think if you handle it right, we could possibly solve this case. As of today, that has yet to be done.

c. Beth Twitty (Interview with Joe Scarborough, MSNBC, Oct. 21, 2005):

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Natalee Holloway Investigation: Skeeters Tape Mystery goes on. (Abrams Report)

The Abrams Report, November 30, 2005

The mystery of the Dr Phil/Jaime Skeeter’s tapes continue. Both sides stating just the opposite of presumable what is supposed to be the same tape.

ABRAMS: The Aruban government is fighting back and it’s about this interview with Deepak Kalpoe, one of the three suspects in the investigation into Natalee Holloway’s disappearance.


JAMIE SKEETERS, POLYGRAPH EXPERT: And the question I’ll ask you is if you intentionally kill her?


SKEETERS: If it was an accident I can help all of you and if you guys were partying, even if someone had given her a date drug—I’m sure she had sex with all of you.

KALPOE: She did. You’d be surprised how simple it was.


ABRAMS: Well Aruban authorities are saying that interview first aired on the “Dr. Phil” show is not what it seems and that Deepak Kalpoe actually gave a very different answer.


SKEETERS: And the question I’ll ask you is if you intentionally killed her?


SKEETERS: If it was an accident I can help all of you. If you guys were partying, even if somebody had given her a date drug—I’m sure she had sex with all of you.

KALPOE: She did. You’d be surprised how simple it would have been.


ABRAMS: Joining me now is Arlene Ellis Schipper, Aruban attorney and member of Aruba’s Strategic Communications Task Force, polygraph expert Jamie Skeeters—he’s the one who interviewed Deepak Kalpoe—and MSNBC analyst and former FBI investigator Clint Van Zandt.

All right. Arlene, bottom line is I think the big problem here is with regard to the translation or if you want to—the words that are being put on the screen to describe what it is that Kalpoe said, correct?

ARLENE ELLIS SCHIPPER, ARUBAN ATTORNEY (via phone): Well, no, not correct. The biggest problem is that the footage on the “Dr. Phil” show, which is video and audio shows Kalpoe that does not move his head and with a transcript which says yes or which says she did.

The CD ROM that we have received from Mr. Skeeters does not show a frozen image. It shows Kalpoe shaking his head no while he said, no, she didn’t, so that is a clear change of the answer (UNINTELLIGIBLE) denial to an admission. And that was the result from the NFI, the Netherlands Forensic Institute that clearly says that these—the footage of “Dr. Phil” was manipulated both in audio and in video.

ABRAMS: So, again, when you say manipulated look, there is no question they edited the tape. All right and there’s nothing wrong with editing the tape. But you’re—but what you are saying is you believe that this was beyond just editing the tape. You are saying that they actually…


ABRAMS: … manipulated the answers?

ELLIS SCHIPPER: This is not what I believe. This is what the NFI, four separate investigators came to conclude in their report and they specifically used the word manipulation of the answer. And that is—because editing wouldn’t mean that you have to cut right in the sentence. And that is what has happened.

ABRAMS: Jamie Skeeters, look, you’re the one who did this interview. This is a big deal because this is what many thought would be the reason that the—at least Deepak Kalpoe might be brought back in for questioning, the idea that he said he had sex with Natalee and they all did. What is—what do you make of the allegation that Arlene Ellis Schipper is making?

JAMIE SKEETERS, POLYGRAPH EXPERT (via phone): One big cigar smoke screen. Deepak admitted he had sex with Natalee and it’s on the tape. It’ll speak for itself. It’s one of those things where they’re trying to try the case in the court of world opinion. The tapes will say it all.

As far as him shaking his head, I’m looking at my hard drive right now. He’s not shaking his head. And on my tape it’s as clear as a bell. As a matter of fact, I would like for you to have one.

ABRAMS: Well we have I think talked to you about this and we are going to get those and air those tomorrow on the program so we can really get to the bottom of this.

Arlene, he’s the one who made the tape and he’s saying—and look—and when we listen to it, it sounds to me like the difference really isn’t in what’s said on the tape. The difference is in the interpretation of what’s being said on the tape.

ELLIS SCHIPPER: It’s not an interpretation. This is results—forensic results that I’m talking about. It is not my allegation. I’m speaking out of the results of the NFI, four separate investigators and it’s not smoke screen. The comparison has been made of the video and the CD Rom, which Mr. Skeeters sent to the police and the footage of “Dr. Phil”.

And the specific findings were manipulation, not editing, manipulation. And the reason why we were focusing on this, it’s not just because we have joined suddenly the defense team of Mr. Kalpoe, the reason is because for weeks and weeks in the media the police have been battered and—because claims were made that it was crystal clear that he admitted to rape.

And this also set the scene for support for a boycott. Now clearly the results from the NFI state that these tapes have been tampered with. This is not the truth that has been broadcasted. And basically, this was used to manipulate the viewers and the governor to call out for a boycott. This is our problem with this tape.

(The rest of the interview)

Natalee Holloway Investigation: Unedited Tapes, Quick Conversation with Dave Holloway

I managed to have a quick conversation with Dave Holloway this afternoon just before he was leaving work. He received the tapes/CD/DVD today and will be listening to it later.

Does Dave have a position on the tape? The present answer is no, Dave had no comment on what is on the tapes as he has yet to hear them. We both discussed the importance of the tape to see what was on them, but it was not the end all be all answer to the investigation. As Dave Holloway said, “its just one piece of evidence.” Dave Holloway will be on the Rita Cosby Show tonight, Live & Direct discussing what he believes he hears on the tapes. Dave Holloway has always been a straight shooter and this should be no different. Win, lose or draw Dave will provide us with an answer.

That being said, I asked Dave whether or not the Dr. Phil tape was the reason why he decided to support the boycott of Aruba. Many in Aruba and on the 24-7 MSM shows have been implying that these tapes were the reason for a boycott, and that it was a boycott based on a lie. Dave Holloway answered, “no”. Dave went on to say, “I am not going to sugar coat it. Its was everything, not just the tape”. Dave basically went into the litany of things that have occurred and the frustration each time that they happened. From the frustration in cooperation of the ALE in examining witnesses to the Prosecutors not stepping down to Dompig not cooperating with TES in helping them get high tech equipment to continue searching.

The family then sent the following letter to the Aruban Attorney General. Then Governor Riley of Alabama was sent a letter from the Department of Foreign Affairs. As Dave Holloway strongly stated, “it was not just the tape that caused him to support a boycott, it was everything”. Dave never wanted a boycott to have to happen, but felt that there was no other choice. The breakdown in communication and direction of the of the investigation might have added to his decision.

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Dr Phil Tapes: What is up with these Tapes?

Greta Van Susteren, November 29, 2005

What is up with the Dr. Phil and the unedited Jaime Skeeter’s tapes? Listening to a recording of a tape played over the phone. Could someone please release a digital copy or original to the media and enough of these games. We do live in the 21st century. Trying to listen to this tape and make anything out was en effort in futility. We would like to hear a clear copy and have people make up their minds. How was it that an unedited copy sounded worse and was of worse quality than an edited one?

Release the originals.

Read the following and see what others had to say regarding the controversial tapes.

Tonight, the taped interview with Deepak Kalpoe you haven’t heard before.
Aruban officials just gave us a copy of the unedited tape so you can hear it for yourself.

Skeeters: The question I’ll ask you is…If you intentionally killed her?

Deepak: Inaudible

Skeeters: Ok….but that’s what I would ask you…now if you were there when something bad happened to her and it wasn’t intentional, I can prove that it was not intentional. You, your brother and Joran, Joran…

Deepak: Joran

Skeeters: Pardon my pronunciation I’m just a California boy. Uh…if it was an accident … if it was an accident I can tell Paulie, including the father if I have to. The father is protecting the boy like any father would do or you or I would do for our children and then that would be nothing but a mass *inaudible*. And if you guys were partying or gang banging and….and…if you or somebody had given her a date drug.

(the rest)

Beth Twitty’s Real Reaction to the Dr. Phil Tapes

Over at Aruba the Truth they are stating the following as being Beth Twitty’s reaction to the announcement of the Dr. Phil tapes:

The Reaction Of Beth Twitty

It was clear that the family had the same dismay as investigators when the tape review was completed.

Beth admitted that it was possible, without her knowledge, that the tape was altered or improperly edited.

I am not quite sure where Aruba the Truth is getting this comment from as they did not bother to source or link to any transcript where it was said. Details, details.

These were the comments by Beth Twitty from FOX, 11-23-05, Geraldo, At Large w/Geraldo Rivera — Wednesday

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