AP Gets SUSPECT Facts Wrong Again … Aruban Kalpoe Brothers Try To Get Wrongful Death Suit Dismissed

AP, once and for all could you please get the facts correct in the disappearance of Aruba 3 suspectsNatalee Holloway? Deepak and Satish Kalpoe are presently suspects in Natalee Holloway’s disappearance, not were once suspects”. How difficult a concept is that for a new wire to comprehend and get correct? THEY ARE STILL CONSIDERED THE PRIMARY SUSPECTS ALONG WITH JORAN VAN DER SLOOT IN HER DISAPPEARANCE!!!

That being said the Kalpoe brothers are looking to get the wrongful death suit filed against them by Beth Twitty and Dave Holloway dismissed. So who is looking to make money of a missing, presumed deceased teenager? Suspects in the murder. Earth to US Court, this is the reason why the Aruban courts did not compensate the suspects for wrongful imprisonment and kept them as suspects in the crime.

By the way Deepak, why so many inconsistencies and contradictions in your statements?

Holloway’s parents sued Deepak and Satish Kalpoe in December in Los Angeles Superior Court claiming the brothers caused fatal injuries to their daughter. The young woman’s body has never been found.

Beth Twitty and Dave Holloway chose the Los Angeles court after the Kalpoes sued the “Dr. Phil” talk show there alleging libel and slander.

In court papers filed last week, an attorney for the Kalpoes argued that the brothers are residents of Aruba and have no ties to California and that the lawsuit against them should be dismissed. (AP)

It is truly amazing that these gold diggers would come to America and willingly Aruba deepaksubject themselves to a California Courts jurisdiction to sue for profit, yet cower when sued themselves for a wrongful death law suit. What brave men they are to knowing go to a bar full of American female tourists on their last night on Aruba one half hour before closing and have a girl in their car obviously intoxicated and possibly drugged for their own agenda, only to sue for money. The Kalpoe’s attorney, Kristina M. Beck, filed court papers on Tuesday to dismiss the lawsuit. Brave souls indeed.

Beck’s court papers state that an important ruling occurred Jan. 24, when another Los Angeles Superior Court judge, Edward A. Ferns, ruled that the wrongful death claim of the teen’s parents against the Kalpoes is substantially different from the siblings’ defamation case against “Dr. Phil” McGraw.

“These actions do not arise from the same or substantially identical transactions, happenings or events…,” Ferns wrote, in ruling that both cases should not be kept before the same judge.

The Kalpoes sued McGraw and CBS Television on Dec. 13, alleging they were defamed in a Sept. 15, 2005, show dealing with the still-unsolved case. Although the Kalpoe brothers had been released from Aruban police custody, the “Dr. Phil” episode suggested they gave Holloway a date rape drug and had non- consensual group sex with her, according to their lawsuit. (NBC4)

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Want to Know What Kind of Man Jamie Skeeters Was? Read This…

We here at Scared Monkeys had the opportunity to know Jamie and realize what a special person he was on so many levels. But then you read the following , and please go to their site and read the whole post and leave a comment, and you know there is a special place in heaven for the man.

During the funeral, numerous mourners stood up and talked about the man I had never met before. They spoke, one after another, about his generous nature, caring heart and sense of humor. For nearly 2 hours his friends and family sang his praise and reminisced about his incredible zest for life.

After only a few minutes, I found myself laughing, crying and grieving right alongside his closest friends and family. Throughout the service, I learned about the hundreds of lives he touched and his frequent altruistic acts while serving nearly 30 years of service to the Oxnard, California community. This once Marine Sergeant was also a police officer, a founding member of the Oxnard Police Department SWAT team, a member of the Ventura County Narcotics Task force, a founding member on the Governor’s Task Force against Sex Offenders and he later became a licensed polygraph examiner. This guy was busy. But never too busy to help a friend in need or call his daughter a couple of times a day, just to say, “I love you.”

Please click here and go read all of HelloChrissy’s post at the Daily Strength.

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Jamie Skeeters | 23 comments

Daily Commentary – Friday February 2nd, 2007 – RIP Jamie Skeeters

Dana Pretzer Remembers

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Rest in Peace Jamie Skeeters … Official Obituary

Jamie Skeeters 1941–2007Skeeters_jamie_

Jamie Skeeters, a retired commander with the Oxnard Police Department passed away suddenly Jan. 24, 2007, while away on business in Memphis, Tenn.

Jamie was born March 14, 1941, in Muleshoe, Texas, to Gladys Skeeters. He was a resident of Ventura County for more than 40 years. He was very proud to be a U.S. Marine. He served as acting gunny/sergeant from 1961 to 1966. Before joining the Oxnard Police Department, he served as director of Boys Clubs in Oxnard from 1966 through 1967. In 1967 he joined the Oxnard Police Department and rose quickly through the ranks, achieving the rank of commander in 1993. Jamie served in that capacity until May 1996, when he retired with nearly 30 years of service to the Oxnard community. After his retirement he continued on to serve as chief of police for Ventura College.

  • He spent many years living in the Ojai area with his wife, Kay. Together they owned and operated Ojai Valley Farms, a first-class equestrian center, until recently when his polygraph career flourished.
  • Jamie is survived by his loving wife of over 25 years, Kay; loving daughter, Kim Skeeters; sons, Trace Giove and John Skeeters; and four beautiful grandchildren, Trevor, Morgan, Ryan and Melissa.
  • We deeply grieve the loss of our beloved husband, father, grandfather and love of our life, but find great comfort in knowing he was loved by so many.

A celebration of Jamie’s life will be held from 2 to 6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 29, with rosary recited immediately following, at Clausen Funeral Home, 316 E. Matilija Ave., Ojai, CA 93023; phone 805-646-1451. A funeral service will be held at 1 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 30 at St. Thomas Aquinas Church, 185 St. Thomas Drive, Ojai, CA 93023; phone 805-646-4337.

You will be missed by all at Scared Monkeys, rest in peace. Full Obituary, read here.

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Jamie Skeeters, Obituary | 25 comments

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