Royal Caribbean Looking to Dismiss Lawsuit filed by family of Missing George Allen Smith

Sound familiar? Another disappearance shrouded around tourism where one side is George smith RClooking to have a law suit dismissed. This time its Royal Caribbean looking to have the lawsuit filed by the parents of missing honeymooner George Allen Smith dismissed as frivolous.

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Smith – Hagel Family Feud has Developed after Jennifer Hagel Smith Settled with Royal Caribbean

Call it a family feud or a battle “Royal” Caribbean. The parents and sister of missing honeymoon groom, George Allen Smith IV, are none too happy these days with Jennifer Hagel Smith. Honestly, I cannot blame them. Jennifer was married to George Smith for how long? She was found passed out in a hallway while her husband went missing leaving only a blood stained mark below his cruise ship cabin.

Jennifer Hagel settles with Royal Caribbean for money and a confidentiality agreement … George Smith’s parents will settle only for answers.

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Jennifer Hagel Smith and Royal Caribbean Reach Settlement in Missing Honeymooner George Smith case

Jennifer Hagel Smith, the wife of missing honeymooner George Allen Smith IV has reached a settlement with Royal Caribbean Cruise line. Smith disappeared July 5, 2005 while on his honeymoon with his new wife, Jennifer Hagel, aboard The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line “Brilliance of the Seas” This settlement will not go over well with the family of George Smith.

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Coast Guard to draft a “comprehensive reporting regime” for cruise lines

Representatives of the Cruise Lines International Association, CLIA, has asked the Coast Guard to draft a “comprehensive reporting regime” for cruise lines to follow. This in the wake of the widely publicized disappearance of George Allen Smith IV aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise.

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Royal Caribbean Profits Fall 37 Percent; What impact did George Smith Disappearance play?

Royal Caribbean Cruises posted that profits fell by 37% for the first quarter as compared to last year, yet they claim they were not disappointed. Just how bad did they think that the George Allen Smith disappearance and Congressional Hearings were going to affect the bottom line? To hear the CEO and the numerous spin doctors they have paraded out recently, one would have thought all was well at Royal Caribbean.

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Family of George Smith, Missing Honeymoon Groom, calls for CEO of Carnival Cruise to Resign

As if the cruise ship industry did not have enough black eyes of late, a long comes the CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines with a completely insensitive and ignorant comment. Carnival president Bob Dickinson made the following comment at a cruise industry conference, “It’s a non-event,” it’s more entertainment than anything else.

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Royal Caribbean Strikes Again; Cruise Worker Charged With Sexual Battery

With all of the controversy swirling over the George Smith missing persons case aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise liner in July 2005 comes the following black eye to Royal Caribbean. A Royal Caribbean employee, Henry Maceto Forbes, was arrested and charged with attempting to rape a passenger aboard the Legend of the Seas .

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — A Royal Caribbean cruise employee was arrested and charged with attempting to rape a passenger during a weeklong cruise, authorities said.

Henry Maceto Forbes, 34, was arrested Saturday when the Legend of the Seas docked in the Port of Tampa, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

Forbes met the 22-year-old passenger in a bar on the ship Tuesday and offered to take her on a tour, a police report said. He allegedly pulled the woman into a dark room and attempted to rape her. She was able to escape, the report said.

Forbes was charged with false imprisonment and sexual battery and was being held without bond Monday. He did not yet have an attorney who could comment.

More Answer wanted in the Disappearance of George Allen Smith IV

Brett Rivkind Suggests that Jennifer Hagel-Smith was Drugged (George Allen Smith Investigation)

Brett Rivkind, the lawyer for George Allen Smith IV’s parents, is suggesting that Jennifer Hagel-Smith may have been drugged. The same night that George Allen Smith went missing, Jennifer Hagel-Smith was found in a corridor, unconscious and far from their cabin.
(More including time lines and allegations)

Family of George Smith Wants Answers into his Disappearance

George Smith’s family has been searching for answers since they first heard that their son went missing. From the beginning the Smith’s state that Royal Caribbean offered very little detail.

(The rest of the post)

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Statement regarding George Smith, IV

George Smith, IV disappeared July 5, 2005 while on his honeymoon with his new wife, Jennifer Hagel, aboard The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line “Brilliance of the george smithSeas”. For the most part George Smith’s family has remained relatively quiet regarding the loss of their son.

The discussions into the disappearance of George Smith have ramped up lately as well as Congressional hearings on the Cruise industry in general. Rep. Christopher Shays, R-CT has spearheaded the investigation in to not only Royal Caribbean but the cruise industry in general. The disappearance of George Smith, IV obviously being the catalyst into these hearings.

“Like small cities, cruise ships experience crime — from petty to profoundly tragic,” said Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn., chair of one of two congressional subcommittees hearing testimony Tuesday.

George Allen Smith IV vanished from a Royal Caribbean Cruises ship in the Mediterranean 10 days after his wedding last summer. His family says he was a victim of foul play covered up by the cruise line to avoid bad publicity.

Company officials say the cruise line acted properly after Smith’s disappearance.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Statement regarding George Smith, IV

All of us at Royal Caribbean extend our deepest sympathies to Jennifer Hagel Smith and the whole Smith family. They have suffered an inconsolable loss, and it is totally understandable they want answers and some measure of closure regarding Mr. Smith’s disappearance.

As in all corporate statements like this there is always a “however”. This one is no different.

(Read the rest at Missing & Exploited)

DIARIO Editorial:Jorge Pesquera; Where were you the in the days that the American TV channels were in Aruba?

From Diario, Jossy Mansur Editorial: UNDA JORGE PESQUERA TABATA? Where has Jorge Pesquera been?

Please keep in mind that this is an editorial and Jossy Mansur’s opinions regarding Jorge Pesquera and the Strategic Task forces lack of a pro-active response to a boycott. His response to Jorge Pesquera’s comments regarding wanting equal time and the prevention is eye opening. Many should realize that this editorial was meant for Aruban consumption, not American. Scared Monkeys had previously posted on ArubaTruth’s comments referencing the Dr. Phil show and the boycott. However, when an Aruban and a man like Jossy Mansur makes similar critical points I think that Arubans must stand up and take notice.

First off, and with all due respect Mr. Pesquera, where were you the in the days that the American TV channels were in Aruba? Currently, you are in no position to demand equal time on American TV to counter the ‘attacks’ against Aruba. In particular now that Dr. Phil has called out for American to stop visiting Aruba. I don’t believe that the strategic group can do something, especially not when the spokesperson you have appointed, I am doubtful that this will help in any way.

It would appear that Jossy Mansur also seems to have a problem with Ruben Trappeneberg, MEP government spokesman as well. For those of you that have questioned whether the Natalee Holloway issue is not a political one, I think Jossy Mansur has weighed in on how he feels. I would also tend to believe for those out there that do not deem this a real story that should be covered or that should not respond; it would hardly seem that one of the largest newspapers in Aruba would still be covering the story and doing editorials if it were not important. Maybe ArubaTruth will respond to Diario? Many of these so-called “not important” missing persons stories actually may lead to reform or change behaviors of individuals. In the case of missing groom, George Allen Smith IV of Greenwich, his family is calling for legislative changes for cruise ship lines to protect passengers and their families. In Aruba there has been speculation as to reforming missing persons investigations according to sources.

To you and government representatives. And please spare me your opinion of Ruben Trappenberg, because he is one of the ones who made things worse due to his not answering questions, by instead fighting interviewers, making ridiculous accusations and diverting attention away from the incompetence and indifference of his government.

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