30,000 Eagles Gather To Counter Protest Anti-War Demonstration



If you are expecting the media to cover the counter protest by the Gathering of Eagles in Washington DC yesterday fairly, or at all, you are sadly mistaken. However, go take a look at Michelle Malkins site where she has an amazing wrap up on how 30,000 great Americans have come together to celebrate our country and support our soldiers.

Cindy Sheehan Arrested Again in Washington, DC … Her act is Getting Old

The self-proclaimed “Peace” mom, Cindy Sheehan was arrested again on the Cindy Sheehan DCsidewalk outside the White House on Wednesday night. For someone who is all about the peace, she seems to be getting arrested an awful lot for “disturbing the peace”. This is getting a bit old.

Before she was arrested, she joined the protesters in hailing the outcome of Tuesday’s elections and chanting “Stop the War” outside the gate. “It was taking too long for them to decide whether to accept them or not, so we just delivered them,” said Sheehan, who waited about 15 minutes with other protesters before tossing the petitions over the fence. (Yahoo News)

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Another Cindy Sheehan Anti-War Peace Mom Rally … Its all about tolerance & Peace with Cindy Supporters

What were we just discussing earlier this week regarding Cindy Sheehan and her followers The_signnot  providing the respect of   free speech for others? The “peace rally” shows up again … this time in Fresno, CA for a “Peace Mom” book signing.

As Cindy Sheehan is respectfully allowed to have her right to free speech inside the Satellite Union at Fresno State. The same could not be said for those who disagree with Ms Sheehan.   Parents who also lost children in the war in Iraq  respectfully protested in opposition to  Sheehan with their signs, decked out in red, white and blue. However,  take a good look at what they received in return from a compassionate “Peace” lover.

A Peace Fresno member shows he is all about Cindy Sheehan’s “message of  peace” in this VIDEO. Please watch, its very informative.

Sheehan’s supporters began to verbally attack the patriotic group, culminating in an outburst by one Sheehan supporter who screamed at the woman that her son died protecting other Marines who, “Kill, rape and sodomize children.”

Robin Butterfield should have been provided the same opportunity to honor her son, Tony Butterfield,  who died in Iraq fighting to defend us.

“I want to make sure people  know how proud I am that my son was out their defending us. How proud I am to be living in American.”

Cindy Sheehan stated, “I personally endorse any candidate  that has an anti-war, pro peace in their platform.” I guess Cindy would not agree with the above sign, would she.

Cindy Sheehan is all About Free Speech … Except When its About her … Then its about Suing

“These people are using our tragedy for profit,” she charged. “They always accuse me of exploiting Casey’s death for profit, and what are they doing?” Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan

Did Cindy Sheehan just admit profiting from her son’s death in the above comment? What is most amazing is the hypocrisy of Ms Sheehan. She is allowed to circumnavigate the globe protesting a war, the Bush Administration and everything in-between. Sheehan meets with dictators and embraces Hugo Chavez, then denigrates the USA. All this is fine and falls under free speech.  However, when it comes to other practicing their free speech, she suddenly has a problem. What does anyone do he wants to prevent someone else’s free speech? Sue of course.

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