More Liberal MSM Bias … AP Refers tos GOP John Boehner as a “Weepy Speaker In Waiting”


The MSM  just can’t help themself … the state run liberal MSM shows their true colors yet again …

The AP should be ashamed of themself as they refer to Republican US Rep. John Boehner as a “Weepy Speaker In Waiting”. Boehner has not even been given the gavel and become the Speaker of the House and the Democrat bias liberal MSM is already mocking him. UNREAL. Does any one ever remember them using mocking adjectives to describe Nancy Pelosi when she was the Speaker, let olone before she gained the position?

Got hankies? The next speaker is a weeper.

If soon-to-be-ousted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is known for her steely smile and composure, her replacement, John Boehner, has a reputation for tearing up.

It starts with a quaver in the Ohio Republican’s voice. Then there’s a pregnant pause as he tries — usually unsuccessfully — to keep his feelings in check. Soon, he’s choking out words in a rush of emotion, shaking his head and waving his hands as he tries to pull himself together.

It happened most recently when Boehner took his first turn on stage after Republicans seized control of the House in the midterm elections.

Boehner held it together until he got to the spot in his speech when he spoke of his humble origins as one of 12 children in a working-class family.

Then he started to lose it as he told the election-night rally, “I’ve spent my whole life chasing the American dream.”

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    11 Responses to “More Liberal MSM Bias … AP Refers tos GOP John Boehner as a “Weepy Speaker In Waiting””

    1. Teresa on November 10th, 2010 4:01 pm

      What a humble man…. the tears show his compassion… he had a tough life as a child…I think he is a wonderful man with a pure soul; not like other politicians!!!!

    2. St Stephen on November 10th, 2010 5:10 pm

      …the words, those VERY WORDS, that put a lump in MY throat, i.e. “the American Dream”.

      What red-blooded, true-blue American of any ethnicity or nationality wouldn’t be proud and humbled, as Representative John Boehner was, to have the honor of representing the people of the US and having a hand in pulling us out of the ditch the Administration drove itself, and consequently its citizens, into?

      It is indeed droll that President Obama used the (now quite tired) analogy of the Democratic party driving ahead and the Republican party driving in reverse.I heard it one too many times myself.

      Reverse is used also to pull oneself out of a precarious predicament, so I guess it is time to use it before we catapult off the cliff!

      The tea party, so maligned by the MSM, shifted gears and drove FORWARD with a not so surprising amount of success. You want to drive FORWARD? The tea party has the engine to do just that.

      Back on the distasteful topic of mocking a man because of the pride he has of his country and the honor he felt of the responsibilities that the voting public granted him; I would not be surprised that the MSM is doing some crying of their own, in the form of “weeping and gnashing of teeth” that is appropriately referred to in the Bible(the Good Book).

      Shame on those who mock a person’s sincerity of heart and faith in God and the American Dream. I wonder what their heart stores?(On second thought, I don’t).

    3. brie. on November 10th, 2010 7:23 pm

      I totally agree with #1 and #2….

      Also, now the freakin’ President wants to hurt Social Security…not a word about welfare…

      And his damn stimulus plan… $25.00 and hour to turn a screwdriver and get drunk at lunch time in the auto industry…

      He the worst President we have ever seen…an empty suit that only cares about himself…and hides his past…you don’t need to hide if your honest…!!!!

    4. YakItUp on November 10th, 2010 11:42 pm

      You guys make me laugh. You slime any reasonable person who finds your space on the web, and yet you can’t see how totally odd (remember, I kept this civil lest emotions take over) John Boehner looks as a political leader.

      You may need to roll with the punches as your guys now have to govern, and find themselves help up for close examination. But we’re not even close to being there yet. This is pre-game and purely self-inflicted.
      SM: Dude, the post is about liberal, MSM bias … why no comment on that? Because you can’t defend it!

    5. YakItUp on November 11th, 2010 8:16 am

      Sorry, it seemed to me that the post was about the reaction to the AP reporting of a factual item. In the context of the other posts and comments on this site in the past, it was hard to take this message seriously.

      I guess in the future all name calling and emotional outbursts on these pages will be addressed appropriately.

      It will be nice to see reasonable disagreements without any added vitriol. LOL.

      BTW, has anyone refuted the quoted AP story. From what I’ve seen, they explain exactly what happened, and then called
      it weepy. Well, wasn’t it weepy?

      See, its an easy thing to defend facts. Opinion is another matter.
      SM: dude, if you cant take being on a conservative web site there is always The Daily Kox for you. Another thing you do not have a right to do here, is tell us how to run it.

      Make your point and move on. If you think you are the new editor and chief, think again. Think about it like this, you are in my house, wipe your feet when you come in and don’t put your feet on the coffee table.

      There is obvious MSM bias to the LEFT. If it were not for that Obama never would have been elected.

      I must have missed the AP story calling Nancy Pelosi of Botox freek show or why does Pelosi need a jet when she has a broom. Funny how the MSM works that way.

      The MSM for years talked about the metrosexual man and how Dems felt our pain while Republicans were heartless bastards. Boehner shows a moment of refelction and is caught up in the moment and AP calls it “weepy”. The mere use of the word weepy is liberal bias media.

    6. St Stephen on November 11th, 2010 10:29 am

      2..forsooth, it doth appear that the weeping and gnashing of teeth” I have attributed to the MSM also trickles down to the common like-minded poster as well.

      Laugh to your heart’s content, my dear Yakster. 2012 is right around the corner!

    7. super dave on November 11th, 2010 1:58 pm

      i’ll take the weeper over a communist any day.
      bring on the tears.

    8. Miss-Underestimated on November 11th, 2010 6:43 pm

      Never mistake compassion and humility for weakness, The man is going to bring power back to the people!

    9. YakItUp on November 12th, 2010 12:11 am


      weep·ing Adjective /?w?piNG/

      adjective: crying, tearful
      noun: crying, cry, lament
      adverb: crying

      1. Shedding tears

      weep·y Adjective /?w?p?/

      adjective: maudlin, tearful, lachrymose, weeping

      weepier comparative; weepiest superlative

      1. Tearful; inclined to weep

      I guess you showed me; I’m going home now to try and repair my broken ego.

      Have a nice group hug here on your conservative-only web site.
      SM: Dude, I know you are smarter than that as you seem to have the “wise a$$” gene. You know very well that there are many other words that could have been used other than weepy. And what weepy represents.

      As I said, just like a typical liberal and has to make condesending remarks. Perasonally, no one cares about your sarcasm of your broekn ego. Have a nice day back at DU.

    10. Dolf on November 12th, 2010 6:15 am

      8.Miss-Underestimated on November 11th, 2010 6:43 pm
      Never mistake compassion and humility for weakness, The man is going to bring power back to the people!


      when did the Republicans bring power to the ppl?
      and as a politician you have to sell your soul

    11. St Stephen on November 12th, 2010 2:15 pm

      when did the Republicans bring power to the ppl?

      … Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon(yes, NIXON!)

      Make no mistake, the silent majority does rule! They are the people that voted them in. these will be the people voting President Obama out!

      I agree that President Bush should never have made a u-turn from nailing Bin Laden and going into Iraq. That was ill advised, in my opinion.

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