The Dana Pretzer Show On Scared Monkeys Radio – Monday, June 21st, 2010 – Special Guests: Wendy Murphy & Robin Sax Discussing Joran Van der Sloot, Mike McIntyre and Rita Cosby




Tonight Dana welcomes special guests:

  • Wendy Murphy - Former Sex Crimes DA, Law Professor and Author discussing the murder case against Joran Van Der Sloot
  • Robin Sax - NBC News Analyst and former felony DA will also be discussing the case, confession and non-confession of  the ever lying Joran Van Der Sloot
  • Mike McIntyre - Crime Reporter and Syndicated Radio Host discussing a Canadian Honor Killing  and other high profile cases in the news.
  • Rita Cosby – Emmy Award winning Journalist, television personality, and author will be talking about her new book, ‘Quiet Hero’

Emmy-winning Journalist Rita Cosby uncovers her father’s harrowing story as a WWII Resistance Fighter and Prisoner Of War.  After a daring escape, he and his comrades were saved by American forces.  An emotional story of a daughter finally discovering her own father … Quiet Hero: Secrets from My Father’s Past

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    5 Responses to “The Dana Pretzer Show On Scared Monkeys Radio – Monday, June 21st, 2010 – Special Guests: Wendy Murphy & Robin Sax Discussing Joran Van der Sloot, Mike McIntyre and Rita Cosby”

    1. Maggie on June 21st, 2010 8:58 pm

      Dana , I agree, I don’t think Joran is a serial killer. Haven’t seen anything that points that way yet. I also believe this was a sex crime like Natalee’s. I also believe there are other women.

      He stated before that we have done this 20 times before and nothing bad happened. He stated he thinks Deepak raped and buried Natalee. Deepak said he thinks Joran raped her. If they find the girl they will see that Sh#t.

      Deepak states that we would go out and Joran and/or Freddy would make the first move on the girls. He also stated that they have all been in the same room having sex with girls.

      The first night.. Beth said Joran went into graphic sexual detail about Natalee’s body parts and underwear and said he brought Natalee to his house. He also said she was very drunk. He only changed it when he found out that could mean rape.

      Hans Mos stated..
      In an Internet chat shortly after Holloway vanished, one of the three suspects said she was dead, Mos said.

      The chat, retrieved from a computer hard disk, was among new evidence prosecutors used to justify re-arresting the three in November, he said.

      New technology that was not available in 2005 was used to find that chat and more between two of the three suspects, as well as others, he said.

      In the chat, Mos told CNN’s Susan Candiotti, one of the suspects said, “The fact that she’s dead is not good,” referring to Holloway.

      Other chats written before May 30 were also found, in which the suspects discussed “picking up American girls and what they plan to do with them,” Mos said. Such chats gave authorities an idea of how the suspects operated, he said.

      The whole point of going out that night was to go see the Mountain Brook Girls at Carlos n Charlies.. perhaps just Natalee..

      On the night he was in Peru and Stephany died, an entertainer in the casino said he was listening to Joran talking about getting women..looking for women.. and was using very vulgar terms to refer and talk about women. The guy said it made him sick to listen to it.. Shortly after,, in comes Stephany..

      In the suit filed by Natalee’s parents in NY.. (John Q. Kelly att.) it states..

      Joran Van der Sloot is no stranger to sexual assault on women.

      On at least 3 occasions prior to May 2005, young Aruban women claimed they were victims of a “date rape” perpetuated by Joran and his accomplices.

      Using Exstasy as his “date rape” drug of choice, Joran prowled the island, seeking to prey on young female tourists, especially blondes..

      Joran’s proclivities were known, at a young age, to both of his parents Paulus Van der Sloot and his wife Anita.

      He lied about his age, who and what he was to impress them. I think Joran and his group liked going after girls they couldn’t get otherwise..the No girls.. The yes girls were no challenge. Probably robbed them after the fact.

    2. Maggie on June 21st, 2010 9:15 pm

      btw.. it is nice to hear Rita again.. I watched her as one of the hosts of a Memorial Day parade..
      about a month ago. She talked about her new book also.

      I remember her asking Steve Cohen if that was Paulus Van der Sloot in the casino sitting by Natalee..and Steve Cohen said he had been out of town. He would check on it and get back with her. Last time Steve Cohen was on tv.

    3. eggad on June 22nd, 2010 12:30 am

      the link to the radio will not play at all.
      SM: That was the live show link from earlier. The link to download the podcast should be up tomorrow. (klaasend)

    4. sven on June 22nd, 2010 3:51 pm

      Maggie: Paulus played at the Marriott with Joran sitting next to him that afternoon/evening; Paulus then let Joran take his seat at the table while he went home to feed his other 2 sons (Anita was in the Netherlands). After going home later, Joran left and went to Carlos & Charlies with the Satish brothers and the 3 left with Natalee.

    5. Maggie on June 22nd, 2010 6:50 pm

      Sven: I was thinking it was the Excelsior.. at Holiday Inn.. but these were statements about the casino footage..

      John, first of all, is there a possibility that Paulus might have been talking to Natalee the night that she disappeared?

      JOHN Q. KELLY, HOLLOWAY FAMILY ATTORNEY: Well, if you look at the surveillance video footage, it appears that he’s the one sitting directly next to her and tries to engage her in conversation a couple of times. And it’s sort of ironic that it’s his father who brought his underage son to a casino and left him there after he left, with access to his line of credit, to put this unfortunate chain of events in process.

      You know, if Joran had never been there, not been allowed in there, because he’s underage and wasn’t accompanied by his father, the whole rest of the night wouldn’t have happened.

      COSBY: You know, and, John, also, why would that be a significant-why is that in conflict to something else we’ve heard maybe from Paulus before?

      KELLY: Well, he’s just claiming that, you know, he’s kept an eye on his son, you know, he’s kept him on a short leash, and, you know, his son is very well-behaved. And it turns out that he’s, you know, got him at casinos. If you’re under 18, you’re not legally even allowed in casinos, so his son was breaking the law with him enabling it.

      COSBY: And did he ever say that he had talked to Natalee or not before?

      KELLY: No, it’s never even been addressed before whether or not that’s Paulus in the videotape there sitting next to her. And it certainly appears to be to me.

      COSBY: You know, Steve, have you heard these claims that, in this video—there’s this surveillance video that we saw in the casino that was showed a while back—that Paulus Van Der Sloot may be in the casino actually even talking to Natalee. And what we just heard from John, it doesn’t sound like that was asked of him before, if he actually even engaged in some conversation with her that night.

      COHEN: I have to say that, unfortunately, I have not had a chance to view that tape. I’ve been in transit in the last 24 hours. Once I get a look at it, I think I’ll be able to give you a better comment. But I don’t think it would be outside of the realm of possibility that Paulus Van Der Sloot would have been with his son that evening at some point.

      COSBY: If that’s the case, if he was indeed talking to her on the videotape, will the Aruban government re-question Paulus Van Der Sloot and say, “Was there something she said to you?” Just it could be something helpful.

      Never seen Steve Cohen on tv again talking about anything.. In other words,,, no comment..

      Also if you look at the lawsuit above.. it says Paulus accompanied his son many times to gamble underage. However according to what Anita said Joran had started to gamble and run in casinos late and she got him psychiatric help just once for it.. Like I said, what a bunch of loons.

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