Two Children’s Remains Found in Freezer While Investigating Abuse Complaint … 43 Year Old Adoptive Mother Renee Bowman Arrested

Abuse investigation turns into a homicide one. With all the parents who are seeking adoption, this is what gets custody of three children.

As Maryland Sheriff’s deputies were investigating abuse complaints they came across an even more heinous and grisly situation. The child sized human remains of two discovered of 2 girls in the downstairs freezer.  The remains were that of her two 9 and 11 year old adopted daughters. The adoptive mother, 43 year old Renee Bowman told police that the girls have been there for months. Renee Bowman has been arrested and she is charged with first-degree child abuse in the beating of the 7-year-old. A judge has ordered her held without bond. Although Bowman has not yet been charged with homicide, police do believe she is responsible for the two girls deaths.

Mom tells cops icy bodies in freezer are her kids

“We have reason to believe that’s the two children in the freezer,” said Lt. Bobby Jones of Calvert County Sheriff’s Office. “We believe that the mother, who adopted the two children, is responsible for it.”

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Why Americans Question Congress and their Commitment to “We the People” … Catastrophic Economic Crisis … Day Off

A question to “We the People:” How many of you would leave and take a day off or take a holiday if the plumbing in your home was bursting and causing water to spill over on to your electric outlets and starting electrical shorts and fires within your home and in turn potentially spreading the fire to your neighbors home? Yeah, that’s what I thought. This is why many people have asked what politicians do because its certainly not the work of the people.

We are told that we are on the brink of financial Armageddon by The White House and members of the Congress and Senate. If we do not act soon the markets will fail, our economy will fall into a black hole and locust will spread over the land. According to the powers that be in Washington, DC we are told that we are on the brink of financial disaster the likes that have not been seen since The Great Depression. A fast bail out remedy is needed or else, gloom and doom for all. However, with all the rhetoric of financial calamity, why is Congress not taking the “bail out” deal as serious as they should?

Kathryn Jean Lopez of The Corner nails it it her short but dead on analysis of the Bail Out crisis and our lawmakers, “Can You Blame Americans If They Wonder?”  

We’re on the verge of financial meltdown, but Congress can afford to take a day or two off? I understand that it’s a major religious holiday for some members, but this is an “emergency.”

Why is Congress asking “We the People” to do extraordinary things when they are not themselves? “We the People” are supposed to stomach a $700 billion socialist buy out program, yet Congress cannot work through a religious holiday? I think we begin to see the disconnect between politicians and the hard working people. In the end the people do not want a quick fix, they want a proper fix.

In times of emergency and crisis, are not exceptions supposed to be made where people forgo their vacation or holiday in order to do the greater good of “We the People”?

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Democrat Barney Franks Mocks Republicans on Bail Out Defeat … Pelosi Says, “We work together as a team in a bi-partisan way”

Democrat Barney Frank of Massachusetts mocked the GOP leadership  (Video) for Barney_Frankssaying that it lost some votes because of a partisan floor speech by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Frank scoffs at Republican claims that Pelosi speech poisoned debate on bailout. Franks is the Chairman of the Financial Services Committee. Before Franks blames others and Republicans for the defeat of the bail out bill, maybe he would like to explain why so many members of his House Financial Services Committee voted against the bill ensuring its defeat. In the end 95 Democrats voted against the bail out package. Franks may soon look to his own party before throwing stones.

“I’ll make an offer,” he added. “Give me those 12 people’s names and I will go talk uncharacteristically nicely to them and tell them what wonderful people they are and maybe they’ll now think about the country.”

Frank, one of the major architects of the bailout package, said he was “appalled” that members of Congress would put “hurt feelings” ahead of the good of the country.

“Frankly, that’s an accusation against my Republican colleagues I would never have thought of making,” Frank said.

“Here’s the story: There’s a terrible crisis affecting the American economy. We have come together on a bill to alleviate the crisis. And because somebody hurt their feelings they decide to punish the country. I mean, I would not have imputed that degree of pettiness and hypersensitivity….But think about this: Somebody hurt my feelings so I will punish the country. I mean, that’s hardly plausible. And there are 12 Republican members who were ready to stand up for the economic interests of America but not if anybody insulted them”.

“I think they are covering up the embarrassment of not having the votes,” Frank said increduously at a Democratic news conference.


Following the bail out defeat and Peolsi’s pre-vote bomb throwing Pelosi now calls for bipartisanship. Pelosi stated, “We extend a hand of cooperation to the White House to the Republicans so that we can get this issue resolved for the benefit of Americas working families to strengthen our economy and therefore strengthen out country. We work together as a team in a bi-partisan way.” REALLY? Now Pelosi wants bi-partisanship? That’s a far cry from her rantings and insults prior to the vote. What a states woman.

House Votes on Bail Out Deal … NO DEAL!!! Bail Out Package fails 228 – 205 … Stock Market Down 778

NO DEAL! Today the House voted on the financial bail out bill and it failed. As Hot Ait stated, in the end the vote was not especially close. The final tally was 228-205 against, with Democrats supporting it 140-95, while Republicans opposed it 66-132.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 778 points, or 6.98 percent to 10,365, the biggest point drop ever.

Bail Out Plan Rejected.

Watch the video below where Nancy Pelosi played partisan politics while the point of the talks between Democrats and Republicans was to come together and actually do the work of the people and stop the political rhetoric and BS. Before Pelosi blames Republicans for the bill failing, she may want to explain why 94 or her fellow Democrats voted against the bail out package.

Worst. Speaker. Ever… Pelosi Loses AT LEAST 12 Votes on Partisan Speech!!

One really needs to question Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi’s judgment as to why so close to a vote where every vote would be needed for a bail out package that was supposed to be non-partisan.

“This is not a partisan crisis, this is an economic crisis,” said Deputy Minority Whip Rep. Eric Cantor, who said that 94 Democrats also refused to go along with the bill. He described the vote as the result of “Speaker Pelosi’s failure to listen and failure to lead.”

Lawmakers Blame Partisanship for Failed House Bill

 A brutal round of partisan finger-pointing followed the vote.

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