Boy Playing with Matches Blamed for One of California Wild Fires

One of the 15 wild fires in Southern California that destroyed more than 21 homes Smokey_the_bearand consumed more than 38,000 acres was started by a juvenile boy playing with matches. Unbelievable!  Don’t they still play the public service announcement videos of Smokey the Bear  in school telling children not to play with matches and fire? Kids, “Only You Can Prevent Forest Wild Fires.”

The boy, whose name and age were not released, admitted to sparking the fire on Oct. 21, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. Diane Hecht said Tuesday. Ferocious winds helped it quickly spread.

“He admitted to playing with matches and accidentally starting the fire,” Hecht said in a statement.

The boy was released to his parents, and the case will be presented to the district attorney’s office, Hecht said. It was not clear if he had been arrested or cited by detectives. (Yahoo News)

Authorities have blamed an arsonist for setting some of the fires in Orange County, CA that destroyed 16 homes and burned more than 28,000 acres.

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Halloween Jack-O’-Lanterns Tax … Is Pumpkin a Food?

Think we have a government with just a bit too much time on their hands? How misguided can we possible be? In Iowa they seem to be more concerned with taxing pumpkins than dealing with illegal immigration. Oh sorry, Mexican nationals.  

Wait until Sally and Linus get their pumpkin tax bill. Some times one just has to scratch their head and say WTF! So what does the Iowa Great_PumpkinDepartment of Revenue have, a “Pumpkin Revenue” Enforcement Officer? Will this individual be dressed up like the “Great Pumpkin” and hide in pumpkin patches waiting to pounce on unsuspecting farmers? As Blue Crab Boulevard so well states, this is “one of the most blatant squeeze the peasants move by a state bureaucracy that I have ever seen.”

Do our bureaucratic officials really have nothing better than to sit around and dream this crap up? Who sits in that board meeting and says, “I have a great idea to pad the coffers, let’s tax pumpkins?” We actually pay these people’s salaries to do this?

DES MOINES, Iowa – The Iowa Department of Revenue is taxing jack-o’-lanterns this Halloween. The new department policy was implemented after officials decided that pumpkins are used primarily for Halloween decorations, not food, and should be taxed, said Renee Mulvey, the department’s spokeswoman. Wtf

“We made the change because we wanted the sales tax law to match what we thought the predominant use was,” Mulvey said. “We thought the predominant use was for decorations or jack-o’-lanterns.”

Previously, pumpkins had been considered an edible squash and exempted from the tax. The department ruled this year that pumpkins are taxable — with some exceptions — if they are advertised for use as jack-’o-lanterns or decorations.

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Madrid Spain Train Terror Bombing Verdicts … 4 Guilty and 1 Acquitted

The Madrid Spain train bombings were one if the worst terrorist bombings in Madrid_TerrorEurope killing 191 people and wounding 1800. It has been referred to as Spain’s 911 and now the first verdicts are in for the 28 defendants. Four found guilty and one acquitted.

Rabei Osman, one of the accused masterminds of the 2004 Madrid terror bombings, was acquitted of all charges on Wednesday by a Spanish court after the first four of 28 defendants were found guilty of murder and other charges in the culmination to a politically divisive trial over Europe’s worst Islamic militant terror attack.

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FBI and Mobster Gregory Scarpa Sr Make Strange Bed Fellows in 1964 Civil Rights Case in Mississippi

Local mobster done good … 

The case was the disappearance and search for civil rights workers James Chaney, Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman. They were beaten and shot by the KKK and buried in an earthen dam near Philadelphia, MS. Years later it is being reported that the FBI turned to mobster Gregory Scarpa Sr. to help find the bodies of the missing civil rights workers. Further proving the point that crime and solving crime certainly makes strange bedfellows.

Linda Schiro said that her boyfriend, Mafia tough guy Gregory Scarpa Sr., was recruited by the FBI to help find the volunteers’ bodies. She said Scarpa later told her he put a gun in a Ku Klux Klansman’s mouth and forced him to reveal the whereabouts of the victims.

The FBI has never acknowledged that Scarpa, nicknamed “The Grim Reaper,” was involved in the case. The bureau did not immediately return a call for comment Monday.

Prosecutors say Scarpa plied DeVecchio with cash, jewelry, liquor and prostitutes in exchange for confidential information on suspected rats and rivals in the late 1980s and early ’90s. Scarpa died behind bars in 1994.

The notion that Scarpa strong-armed a Klan member into giving up information about one of the most notorious crimes of the civil rights era has been talked about in mob circles for years. (Yahoo News)

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