Amigoe: MEP: ‘Central Bank draws a unilateral picture’


Amigoe; April 20, 2006: MEP: ‘Central Bank draws a unilateral picture’

ARUBA — In her monthly reviews, the Central Bank of Aruba draws a unilateral picture of the financial-economical situation of the National Government, says the MEP in a press release. Lately, the Bank makes it look like the Oduber-government is responsible for everything that goes wrong currently. The Bank doesn’t consider the course of action of the local banks that charge outrageous high interest and ruin many people.

MEP can understand the Bank’s concern, but is of the opinion that there are also other instances involved that need to be considered. One of the concerns of the Bank is the high government expenses that cause the position of liquidity of the National Government and the negative effects on the balance of payments.

MEP also indicated that they are aware of the fact that there are ways to reduce the government expenses. Reducing the personnel has social- as well as service consequences. The MEP continues by pointing out the inflation that in the past year is being stirred up by the increasing prices of the oil market. Water and electricity become more expensive and the business life pass this on to the public in her products. “The government cannot constantly be blamed for everything that goes wrong.” MEP is of the opinion that the Bank does not mention any of this in her reports, nor the contribution that the business life can make to control the inflation, like lowering the mortgage- and other loans’ interest.

In MEP’s press report Mike Eman (AVP) sees a confirmation of what AVP had signaled all along, namely that instances like the Central Bank, the General Audit Office, and the Central Accountants’ Service are not being allowed to do their job. “With each critical publication, these instances get lectured at by ministers as well as Parliament-members that support the government.” Eman says that he considers this as an alarming development.

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