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August 14, 2011

Aruba Authorities Intend to Pursue Criminal Charges Against Gary Giordano in Suspicious Death of Robyn Gardner … What Happened to “No Body, No Crime” With Joran Van der Sloot and Natalee Holloway?

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35 year old Robyn Gardiner has been missing since August 2, 2011 in Aruba. Her travel companion Gary Giordano said to police that Gardiner drown while they both snorkeled at Baby Beach. According to Aruba LE, Giordano has had inconsistent stories in the disappearance of Robyn Gardiner.

Robyn Gardiner Missing in Aruba: Pic from Facebook

According to Aruba authorities, they intend to pursue criminal charges against Gary Giordano, the 50 year old Gaithersburg man whose female companion, Robyn Gardiner, disappeared on “One Happy Another Murder Island” earlier this month. Really, suspicious death? What crime? Isn’t it interesting that when Natalee Holloway went missing and was presumed murdered by Joran Van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe, the three people last seen with Natalee leaving Carlos N’ Charlies … they were never charged with a crime or ever prosecuted because Aruba claimed … “NO BODY, NO CRIME”.

Gary Giordano

Aruban Solicitor General Taco Stein called Giordano a “suspect in a suspicious death.” Giordano told officials that Robyn Gardner, 35, failed to return to the beach after the pair went snorkeling Aug. 2., but officials have questioned his account. Her body has not been found.

Giordano, 50, who has been held in Aruba since Aug. 5, is due to appear before a judge in a closed hearing Monday, Stein said. Prosecutors will update the judge on their investigation, ask that Giordano remain held and outline how they expect to proceed, he said.

Stein said prosecutors intend to criminally charge Giordano in connection with Gardner’s apparent death, but he did not specify the charge.

So what is different in Aruba this time when they are faced with a murder of an American tourist? We all remember the run around that the Aruba authorities gave Beth and Dave Holloway when Natalee was reported missing. When Natalee was reported missing, the powers that be told Natalee’s family that she probably ran off with some one and that she would return. Then two black security guards were arrested and falsely accused by the very people who were last seen with Natalee of involvement in her disappearance. Isn’t it interesting that Aruba authorities and Taco Stein were quick to accuse American Gary Giordano of inconsistencies and automatically presumed that Robyn Gardiner was no longer alive. Inconsistencies? Who told more lies to police than Joran Vander Sloot?

The Public Prosecutor (OM) assumes that the American tourist Robyn Gardner no longer alive. “I know we have no body and that one could say they could still be alive,” as late as Advocate General Taco Stein to American media know. “But if that were the case, she would already have reported.”

Natalee Holloway, left – Joran Van der Sloot, right

We in America are just curious Aruba, why didn’t you follow these same police and investigative protocols when Natalee Holloway went missing and an Aruban son of privilege, Joran Van der Sloot was the main suspect? Giordano’s attorney, Michael Lopez, has stated that his client has cooperated with police and should be released from jail as there is no evidence to hold him. Lopez stated that his client would return to Aruba to face any questioning if new evidence or proof of his involvement in Gardiner’s death/disappearance is uncovered.

“Today, 9 days later, 4 voluntary interviews, 2 site visits, and more than 30 statements coming from different sources including witnesses and professionals, we can not deduce that there is hard proof to sustain a demand by the public prosecutor against our client,” Giordano’s attorney, Michael Lopez, said in a written statement.

The attorney said in his statement Sunday that Giordano, whom he identified by his initials, GG, has given “all possible cooperation.”

“The client has his own business and family in the United States. He has no reason whatsoever to obstruct any investigation,” Lopez said.

He added that his client could be returned to Aruba “in case any legal proof shows up.”

Sure this sound ridiculous, but how is this any different from how the case against Joran Van der Sloot and the Kalpoe’s was handled by Aruba authorities and the judicial system? Do not get me wrong, this really isn’t about whether Gary Giordano is responsible for the death and disappearance of his female companion Robyn Gardner. Its about why Aruba is singing a different tune when it comes to investigating and prosecuting an individual who is suspected of killing someone on Aruba.

Keep in mind, Joran Van der Sloot not only told multiple inconsistent stories to Aruba investigators, Joran also made multiple confessions to kidnapping and implicating himself in the death of Natalee Holloway.  Joran even went so far as to saying that Natalee was dumped into “one big ocean”. Aruba prosecutors could care less that Joran confessed to the crimes or that he repeatedly lied regarding the disappearance of Natalee. They constantly stated they needed more evidence. Also, in what has to be one of the most convoluted comments ever and a display of Aruba circular logic, prosecutors claims that because Joran lied so much that if and when he ever did make a confession that they would never know whether he was still lying. So when Joran Van der Sloot actually confessed to the crime … the three judge panel let him free.

The courts ignore the confessions and admissions of Joran van der Sloot and deny his rearrest in the disappearance and death of Natalee Holloway. The fix has been on since the beginning of this case and the corruption continues as the Courts refuse to arrest Joran Van der Sloot … a person who is obvious implicated in the crime. This does not constitute new legal evidence? Maybe these judges would like to explain what does? Some how in the anti-world, suspect statements and admissions are not new evidence. Why, did Joran say he had killed her in the past?

Giordano not only has problems in Aruba, but in the US as well. Federal agents began sifting through documents seized during their raid of Giordano’s $1.1 million Maryland home on Friday night. Boy those Aruba authorities were certainly quick to ask for the aid from the f American FBI weren’t they? Yet another contrasting difference from the Natalee Holloway case.

Giordano, who lives in Gaithersburg, has not been charged with a crime in Aruba. His lawyer, Michael Lopez, told the Associated Press that Giordano “emphatically denies being involved in any malicious acts.”

Late Friday, FBI agents who have been assisting Aruban authorities searched Giordano’s single-family home on Pueblo Road in Gaithersburg. About a dozen unmarked cars were on the scene, and agents could be seen on the first and second floors of the stone home, which is set back from the road.

“We’re here this evening to execute a federal search warrant on the residence of Gary Vincent Giordano,” FBI agent Phil Celestini told reporters outside the home. “This search is being conducted pursuant to a criminal investigation. Because this is an active investigation, we cannot comment further.”

We in America remain curious. How does Aruba have two sets of rules when it comes to a murder on Aruba? BTW, I thought there were no murders there? It would appear then when there is a rich, Dutch suspects who comes from privilege and has connections … corruption and cronyism takes place to ensure a “little Dutch boy” never goes to jail.  Aruba, how did that work out for you as you allowed a psycho to remain free and Joran would later kill another girl, this time Stephany Flores in Peru. However, it would appear that Aruba has quite a different set of rules when it comes to an America charged with the same crime.

So in Aruba, not only do American victims of crime get the shaft, so do those suspected of crimes. Boy there is something to consider when making vacation plans.

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