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July 14, 2011

Justice for Caylee … Will There be a Casey Anthony Movie? Hollywood Says Not So Fast … Backlash Would be Severe

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One of the sad realities of the juries insane “not guilty” verdict in the murder trial of Casey Anthony in the death of her two year old daughter was not only that it provided “NO JUSTICE” for Caylee Anthony, but also that it opened the flood gates for tot mom to profit from this travesty of justice.

The second the surprise verdict came down of “not guilty” and that Casey Anthony would be released in mere days for time served on the lesser charges of lying to police, many speculated that Casey Anthony could turn this crime into a cash cow. Why not, it’s not like she is employable, or really has worked in the past except for her fictitious jobs she told others. So would she make money off the death of Caylee in books, movies or interviews? However, Hollywood is saying … hold the phone, NOT SO FAST.

But the public outrage over Anthony’s acquittal on murder charges is making some in the industry rethink the wisdom of adapting her story to the screen.

“Anyone who pursued a movie based on these events, especially right now, will face some immediate backlash,” said Matthew Belloni, news director for The Hollywood Reporter.

“The nerve is so raw on this and so many people are so outraged by the verdict that anything that is seen as an attempt to exploit this, especially if the family is involved, will be seen as a negative by most of the people who followed the trial,” Belloni told CNN.

Could Hollywood actually be using common sense for once? It is true, who ever decides to make a movie and profit from the death and miscarriage of justice for Caylee Anthony will face a backlash and boycott that has not been seen since the efforts to boycott Aruba following the death of Natalee Holloway in Aruba. If the Anthony’s or Caylee make a deal to make a movie, Heaven help the movie house or their advertisers.

There is a reason why America has adopted and fallen in love with Caylee Anthony, and there is no way they will allow the exploitation of this child, especially by the very person that most of America knows killed her. Does Hollywood really want to take the chance of an American backlash? After all, lightening struck a tree at Caylee’s memorial sight on the day the sentence was read for Casey, does Hollywood want to mess with Mother Nature?

The question is, with Caylee’s Law the driving force following the Casey Anthony murder trial, who would be crazy enough to take on the anger and mood of the country in the “not guilty” of Casey? Just some food for thought, how many laws do you know where there is a child law started following the death or disappearance of a child’s and the parents/family have nothing to do with pushing the legislation?

The mere hint of a connection to the Anthonys has sent Hollywood talent agencies diving for cover. When an erroneous report circulated last week that William Morris Endeavor had signed Anthony for representation, the agency was inundated with protest calls. It quickly sent out word denying the report.

And Paradigm, another big talent agency, signed Anthony’s lead attorney, Jose Baez, for representation, only to “un-sign” him several hours later after facing a drumbeat of criticism.

Actress Niecy Nash, who told CNN she watched “every minute” of the trial, is among those angered about the prospect of Anthony cashing in by selling the rights to her story.

Casey, Cindy, George,  jurors, defense attorneys and anyone who testified in the murder trial might want to think twice about cashing in on the death of a two year old little girl … JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE.

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