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November 18, 2010

Civilian Trial Travesty … Gitmo Terrorist Detainee Ahmed Ghailani Acquitted of All Charges But One

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Thank you President Barack Hussein Obama and AG Eric Holder … NOT!

I think it is safe to say this will be the end of terrorists being tried in civilian court. The Obama-Holder test terrorist civilian case just blew up in their face. It is yet just another example that this crew has not a clue as to what they are doing.

Gitmo terrorist suspect detainee Ahmed Ghailani was acquitted by a just in civilian court of all charges except one yesterday. UNREAL. A special shout out to Barack and Holder for having the infinite wisdom to try this case in civilian court and have this travesty occur. 

Ghailani was found him guilty on one count of conspiracy to destroy US property while the jury completely ignored the 224 people murdered when that property was destroyed. Words cannot even begin to express the outrage. YET ANOTHER OBAMA FAILURE! Let’s get this straight America, the war on terrorism is not a crime … it’s a WAR!

The first former Guantanamo Bay detainee to be tried in federal criminal court was found guilty on a single conspiracy charge Wednesday but cleared on 284 other counts. The outcome, a surprise, seriously undermines – and could doom – the Obama administration’s plans to put other Guantanamo detainees on trial in U.S. civilian courts.

After deliberating for five days, a jury of six men and six women found Ahmed Ghailani, 36, guilty of conspiracy to damage or destroy U.S. property but acquitted him of multiple murder and attempted-murder charges for his role in the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in East Africa.

The Obama administration had hoped that a conviction on most, if not all, of the charges would help clear the way for federal prosecutions of other Guantanamo detainees – including Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four alleged co-conspirators accused of organizing the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. The administration did not want to rely exclusively on the military commissions that the George W. Bush administration had made a centerpiece of its detention policy.

Comments from the Jawa Report and Rusty pretty much say it all … Ditto Rusty.

I was willing to give Holder and Obama a shot at this. Some liberals had made a good point by saying that every single terrorist trial held in the US had gone the government’s way. So I thought it was unwise, but since the process was untested then why not give it a shot?

Well, it just blew up in your face, didn’t it Sparky?

 What did the Obama lackeys at the DOJ have to say following the verdict? The DOJ tweets that they are please, from the Ace of Spades.

“We respect the jury’s verdict and are pleased that Ahmed Ghailani now faces a minimum of 20 years in prison and a potential life sentence for his role in the embassy bombings,” the department said in a brief statement.

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