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December 28, 2008

Cindy, George and Lee Anthony all have Attorneys Representing Them, Why? … Obstruction of Justice, Conflicting Statements & Aiding and Abetting … Oh My

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Obstruction of justice, conflicting statements and aiding and abetting charges would never be necessary consideration if Lee, George and Cindy had been completely cooperating and truthful with investigators from start to finish in the Caylee/Casey Anthony investigation.


All in the Family … why do they need legal representation?

Casey Anthony, the mother of deceased 2 year old Caylee Anthony, finds herself indicted and behind bars in the murder of her child. It is obvious why she would have legal representation in the form of attorney Jose Baez and the Dream Team Part Deux that he has assembled in an effort to cloudy the waters of justice and throw defense mud up against the wall to see what sticks.


However, why do grandparents, Cindy and George Anthony, as well as her brother Lee Anthony feel the need for legal representation in the disappearance and homicide of Caylee? What did they do during the investigation to find Caylee Anthony that they would need legal council? One would think that family members would have done everything humanely possible to find Caylee, not defend Casey.

Can you say obstruction of justice, conflicting statements and aiding and abetting?


Lee & Casey Anthony having a humorous call while Casey behind bars

The attorney for Lee Anthony, Thomas Luka, said that the State Attorney’s Office could seek charges against Lee Anthony for obstruction of justice or aiding and abetting. Why would Lee Anthony’s attorney think that his client could face such charges? Why would Thomas Luka feel the need that his client’s civil rights need to be protected if Lee has been truthful, honest and up front during the investigation? Why does one hire a criminal defense attorney in the first place?

VIDEO of Attorney Thomas Luka’s comments.

Attorney Thomas Luka said that the State Attorney’s Office could seek to charge Lee with obstruction of justice or aiding and abetting, even if was not Lee’s intention to do so. [This is lawyereze at its finest. So it was not Lee’s intent to obstruct and aid and abet? So there is an admission that Lee has done so?] 

“It’s an ongoing investigation, so no one really knows where it’s going to lead. Mr. Anthony obviously wants his civil rights protected. Everyone involved in the case should have their rights covered when determining what the police can and can not do or should and should not expect from the witnesses involved in this case,” Luka said.

Luka adds that neither Lee nor George and Cindy Anthony have been called as witnesses in the case, but they are preparing for just such a scenario.

Luka contends that Lee has cooperated with detectives, even handing over a DNA sample. Luka describes his role an advisor to Lee, in determining what he should and should not say to investigators.

“For that reason, he feels at this point, now that the police are focusing completely on Casey, he wants to make sure that his own civil rights are protected,” Luka said.

Grandparents Cindy and George Anthony also have legal representation. Attorney Brad Conway is the latest lawyer hired by the Anthony’s. So why would Casey’s parents need legal representation? It turns out that after a child’s body was discovered near the Anthony home and before it was positively identified, Cindy and George asked for a full immunity deal. Why would the Anthony’s want an immunity deal now? Attorney Brad Conway confirmed that  grandparents of Caylee Anthony knowingly provided “conflicting statements” to police in the past. Will both Cindy and George Anthony be charged with obstruction of justice charges as well?

Conway said he plans to meet with the lead prosecutor and detectives later this week to ask for full immunity for the Anthonys.

“We will not speculate. If the attorney officially decides to ask our office, well will address it then,” said Danielle Taverneri, spokesperson for the State Attorney’s Office.

Conway admits the Anthonys have made conflicting statements in the past. They will be re-interviewed by investigators. He said, for the next interview they give to authorities, there will not be any conflicting statements.

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