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October 25, 2008

Were State Computers Illegally Used to find information on Joe the Plumber – Where is the Media Outrage?

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Win at all cost no matter who it destroys, even it means destroying “We the Peoples” rights.

There can be nothing more heinous than a government using its power illegally to gain Joe the Plumberprivate information on its citizens in an effort to destroy them or take away their freedom of speech. “We the People” should be outraged at what has happened to Joe the Plumber. Next time … it could be you. Would other reason other than political motivation could there be to go after Joe the Plumbers personal records? The answer is none.

Exactly how did people get information so quickly on Joe the Plumber to tear him down?  Were government computers illegally used to dig up information on “Joe the Plumber”? It did not take very long for a private citizens private records be violated by those that would look to aid the Obama campaign. Why were Joe the Plumber’s personal records violated? Obviously it was an attempt to dig up negative information on a private citizen to use against him to discredit him. WHERE IS THE MSM OUTRAGE? Imagine if Joe the Plumber was was Anita the Anti-war activist and Republicans had illegally searched her records for dirt. I think we can all state affirmatively that the LEFT would be decrying Fascism.

State and local officials are investigating if state and law-enforcement computer systems were illegally accessed when they were tapped for personal information about “Joe the Plumber.”

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher became part of the national political lexicon Oct. 15 when Republican presidential candidate John McCain mentioned him frequently during his final debate with Democrat Barack Obama.

The 34-year-old from the Toledo suburb of Holland is held out by McCain as an example of an American who would be harmed by Obama’s tax proposals.

Public records requested by The Dispatch disclose that information on Wurzelbacher’s driver’s license or his sport-utility vehicle was pulled from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles database three times shortly after the debate.

Information on Wurzelbacher was accessed by accounts assigned to the office of Ohio Attorney General Nancy H. Rogers, the Cuyahoga County Child Support Enforcement Agency and the Toledo Police Department.

It has not been determined who checked on Wurzelbacher, or why. Direct access to driver’s license and vehicle registration information from BMV computers is restricted to legitimate law enforcement and government business.

It started with a simple question from an average Joe, an American citizen asking a simple question to a Presidential candidate on the campaign trail. Supposedly that is our Constitutional right to question what positions that our leaders will take if they are elected. It is also the responsibility of the media as well, however, when they are in the tank as they are for Barack Obama, questioning politicians is left up to “We The People”. As Wake Up America states, “It is a real pity that an everyday “Joe” cannot ask a presidential candidate that came to his own driveway, a question about policy without having his life turned into national fodder …”

Joe the Plumber’s simple question to Obama has since created the firestorm of Obama’s socialist “share the wealth” statement. Since that point it has been open season on Joe the Plumber.

Stop the ACLU wonders why the media is more concerned with a Sarah Palin clothes story as opposed to government computers being used to find information on a common citizen.

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