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July 12, 2011

Tim Miller & Texas EquuSearch Files Lawsuit Against Casey Anthony & Family … Accuses Family of Knowing Caylee was never Missing

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Tim Miller and Texas Equusearch have filed a lawsuit against the family of Casey Anthony in connection to the searches for two year old Caylee Anthony in Orlando, FL. TES searched multiple times for Caylee and claimed to have spent more than $100,000. Miller claims that Cindy and George knew that Caylee was never missing and is seeking damages. Tim Miller says, “TES was used”.

Following Casey’s acquittal on July 5, Miller said he was considering a lawsuit against the family.

The founder of EquuSearch accused the Anthony family of knowing Caylee was never missing, but hiring the group for their services regardless.

“I do regret now, and when I watched opening statements and Jose Baez opened with saying Caylee Anthony never was missing I basically said, ‘damn you’.”

More than 4,200 volunteers went to search for the missing 2-year-old. The 2-week search cost EquuSearch an estimated $100,000.

I was one of those 4200 individuals who took part in the searches for Caylee Anthony in August through September, 2008. The searches took place in numerous locations including Blanchard Park and other areas from cell phone pings.

The law suit alleges that Casey Anthony made “ongoing misrepresentations” to EquuSearch and its founder, Tim Miller. Also, that she failed to correct “materially false information” to convince staff and volunteers to “engage in extensive, costly and time-consuming searches for Caylee.”  Texas Equusearch also seeks repayment for services rendered based on “lies, omissions and deceptions.”

The lawsuit details how EquuSearch became involved in the case, beginning with a phone call to Miller from Cindy Anthony, Casey’s mother and Caylee’s grandmother. Miller later met with Casey Anthony, her parents Cindy and George Anthony, and Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez. In the presence of Casey Anthony, the grandparents said Caylee was “still alive” and was not corrected by the toddler’s mother.

The Orlando County Sheriff’s Department is going to go after Casey Anthony for the cost of the investigation for Caylee Anthony based upon the lies that Casey was found guilty of by the jury. However, does that mean that TES will be afforded the same opportunity? Some legal analysts do not believe that the law suit will hold up in court. FOX 26 legal analyst Chris Tritico thinks that because TES is a volunteer organization that they will not have a right to ask for their money back since they do the work for free. Although, was there a fraud perpetuated to bring them to Orlando in the first place? That is the question. Texas Equusearch may be a volunteer search organization that is a 501(c)3, but that does not mean there are not expenses they must outlay to do a search. Let alone the donations, services and goods that were provided by caring individuals.

“It’s a free organization, a charity organization that does work for people for free,” Tritico said. “If that’s the case, they don’t have the right to come in now and say, ‘We want our money back’.”

In the end, this case was like a bad penny. Little help from the family to do organized searches for Caylee. No help from Casey Anthony who according to her defense attorney Jose Baez knew Caylee was dead from the outset. Finally, no justice provided by a jury who seemed to have wanted absolute certitude that Casey was guilty, not reasonable doubt.

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