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March 26, 2011

Murder of Stephany Flores in Peru: Joran Van der Sloot Lying Again … Laptop Study Shows that Searches on Natalee Holloway Much Earlier in the Day

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If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and acts like a duck, guess what … it just might be a pathological, lying, murderous sociopath.

What a shock, dateline Peru … Joran van der Sloot is lying again when it comes to the murder of a girl. Like we have not seen this act play out all too numerous times in the past. Now Van der Sloot, the Dutch Sporter is lying to save his bacon in Peru in the death of Stephany Flores. Van der Sloot has claims that he murdered Flores in a fit of passion and rage after discovering that she had violated his privacy and has looking up information on his laptop in connection with the death of Natalee Holloway in Aruba.

Stephany Flores did not view any such information on the laptop after accompanying Van derSloot to the Lima hotel room where she was killed on May 30, the technology chief of Peru’s police, Col. Oscar Gonzales, told The Associated Press.

“She didn’t view anything about Holloway. It’s a lie that she tried to ask him about (the case),” Gonzales said.

Information from Joran’s laptop has led investigators in Peru that Van der Sloot has been lying to them. Really, waht was your first thought?  The defense by Joran van der Sloot and his attorney was just a lame excuse to try and mitigate Van der Sloot’s sentence and blame the victim in the process. Where have we heard that before? Van der Sloot has lied so many times in an effort to keep himself from the being convicted that it is about time he gets his just desserts.

RNW has provided even further information as to the time line of Joran Van der Sloot and Stephany Flores in the time leading up to and after her death. As the investigation into the laptop has shown, Stephany Flores could not have been looking on Joran’s laptop at the time when she was murdered. The searches were done earlier in the day. So what will Joran Van der Sloot’s next excuse lie be?

The detectives also found that Flores did not search for information on Natalee Holloway immediately before the murder, as Van der Sloot claims. The laptop was used to search for details of the Holloway case, but much earlier in the day,Dutch website Crimesite reports. Van der Sloot says he killed Flores in a fury when he saw she was reading about his alleged involvement in Holloway’s disappearance.

Between 04.24 and 08.23 Van der Sloot’s laptop was in use, with a number of pauses, and two poker websites were visited. This could suggest Van der Sloot went on playing poker after murdering Flores. Another possibility is that the murder took place after the poker games were finished. This would mean the killing did not take place during a row shortly after the two returned to the hotel at 05.30, as he claimed in his initial statement to the police.

Is any one really surprised that once again Joran Van der Sloot is lying? How many times have we seen this same game play out in Aruba in the disappearance and death of Natalee Holloway? Van der Sloot lies from the outset of the Natalee Holloway case when he stated that he and the Kalpoe’s left her off at the Holiday Inn hotel after leaving with her from Carlos N’ Charlies, implicating two black security guards. Van der Sloot would later lie as to where he went after he claims he left Natalee on the beach near the Fisherman’s Huts. Then there were the numerous confessions where Joran would admit to Natalee’s death and dumping her in the ocean. All that he would later recant and say that he was lying. So when does a liar who consistently lies, tell the truth? The double negative probably proves in his confessions that he was tell the truth that he took part in Natalee’s death.

Flash-forward 5 years to the date of the death and disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba and we have the death of Stephany Flores. Coincidence? Hardly. The common denominator in both cases is Joran Van der Sloot. What are the chances that one person could be implicated in both cases of the death of two girls? How many times will a confession

Van der Sloot and his attorney have claimed that the little Dutch boy murdered Flores in an “crime of passion”after he  returned to the room after getting coffee, where Joran claimed he found Flores using his laptop to look for information on the Holloway case. Joran then lost his temper and killed her. Seems completely normal thing to do. NOT! However, how difficult is it really to analyze a laptop computer to see the history cache as to what sites were visited and when as opposed to forensic analysis of a hard drive that would showproof positive. Further analysis of the PC showed that after the murder of Stephany Flores, Van der Sloot looked to see what countries did not have extradition with Peru.

But there is just one problem with Joran Van der Sloot’s claim that he killed Flores in an act of passion after seeing her on his laptop, according to an analysis of that computer, it was turned off between Saturday, May 29 around 3 p.m. and Sunday, May 30 around noon. Oops. Papa Sloot is not around to get his cronies in the LE to cover up the evidence. Hey Joran … THIS AIN’T ARUBA!

Previously, Van der Sloot’s lawyer Maximo Altez Navarro stated that ”the FBI will not find anything that will help them solve the Natalee Holloway case from my client’s computer.” Really? One would like to think that the Little Dutch boy who had lied his way thru the case, obstructed justice, implicated others and had not been indicted in the death of Natalee Holloway was too cleaver to have any such incriminating evidence on his laptop. However, just because there is nothing on the laptop that would tie Joran to the death of Natalee, does not mean that there is not evidence that would be damning to him in the death of Stephany Flores.

We can only hope that Peru is no Aruba and this sociopath gets exactly what he has coming to him.

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