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December 21, 2008

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Interested in PA Senate Seat Held by Republican Arlen Specter

Posted in: Bizarre,Corruption,Government,Media,Politics,WTF

What is this country coming to? We are allowing the selling US Senate seats to the highest bidder, the selling US Senate seats in back room political deals for support of individuals because they have the right name and we are actually allowing the mockery of politics and post-election ballot counting decisions in Minnesota to actually contemplate electing a joke. What else could we possibly do to ruin the political institutions of our country? We are what we elect …

MSNBC’s political bomb throwing journalist Chris Matthews is interested in the Pennsylvania US Senate seat presently help by Republican Arlen Specter. Heaven help us all. Just what America needs, the unchecked liberal media elite holding political office and making political policy. As Media Matters states, what track record would anyone in the media elite have of accountability? Other than the obvious that Matthews has gained his reputation by being abrasive and saying anything inflammatory that will draw attention to himself and his network. All in the name of ratings. One wonders if he would be able to hold up or hold his cool if he were asked as a politician during a campaign the same disrespectful questions by the media or citizens in the same shameful manner he has done so for year.

It has long been clear that if we applied to journalists who cover politics the standards they purport to apply to politicians — truthfulness, judgment, being in touch with regular Americans, and so on — many of them would fare quite poorly.

Few journalists are as aggressive as Chris Matthews in purporting to speak for average voters — or as quick to declare (liberal) politicians to be out of touch with those voters. And few have his track record of failing to live up to the standards he sets for politicians, particularly Democrats. But there is no real accountability in cable news — no matter how often Matthews is wrong on the facts, or how frequently he offends the concepts of fairness and rational thought, there are rarely consequences.

Chris Matthews has made a living out of talking how “out of touch” politicians are with the American voter … is he really any different? Read the Media Matters post in full, it is rather enlightening.


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