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September 10, 2008

More from Obama’s Lipstick on a Pig Reference to Sarah Palin … Obama, Ready to Smear

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Over at Instapundit, there is much talk and discussion regarding Obama’s “you can put lipstick on a pig” comment. If one does not think that the comment was not directly aimed at Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin, then I guess we are all to believe that Obama is both ignorant and a terrible speaker. What else could one surmise if Obama did not intentionally go after Palin less than 2 weeks after Palin made the hockey mom reference to a pit bull wearing lipstick? All of Obama’s problems caused by the fact he did not have the guts to put a woman on the ticket and his campaign was out maneuvered by McCain’s.

BTW, since when is it the role of a Presidential nominee to attack the VP of the other side? Think the pressure is not setting in with the Obama camp as their tanking poll numbers tank? All of the news is about Palin & McCain, none about Obama and Biden is AWOL.

And Scott Llewellyn writes: “Um, you’re kidding right? a slip? a gaffe? Obama just innocently and/or randomly used images that invoked Palin (lipstick) and Mccain (age)? Someone lauded for his rhetorical skills didn’t see where that was going? Someone lauded for his intelligence couldn’t foresee that, even if innocent, his images would be interpreted as references to Palin and Mccain? This is not even a close call (my wife gasped when i told her what obama said about pig/lipstick, without knowing any context or having me prime her with a reference to Palin), and Obama can’t have it both ways (I’m a brilliant speaker, but not responsible for the obvious implications of the images I use).”


Team McCain is running circles around the Obama campaign

Do you know they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick (Sarah Palin)

You can put lipstick on a pig, … “It’s still a pig.” (Barack Obama)

The Gateway Pundit: LIPSTICK LIBERALS… Obama Camp Gangs Up On Alaska Mom

For the Obama apologists who think that the “lipstick” comment was not meant to refer to Sarah Palin, think again. It was a concerted, calculated and orchestrated effort on the part of Obama and his Democratic surrogates. Why is Obama sinking in the polls, because of this … The Obama Campaign’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  

This was a very ugly day for the Obama Campaign…
First… At a Joe Biden event today in Missouri, Congressman Russ Carnahan attacked Governor Sarah Palin. Referring to her record, Carnahan said,

“There’s no way you can dress up that record, even with a lot of lipstick.”
Classy. Then later in the day Barack Obama stuck with the cosmetics theme, saying:

“You can put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.”

Barack Obama will regret the day he ever decided to be cute and make the “lipsticing a pig” comments as indicated in Patterico’s Pontifications: Obama’s “Macaca Moment” (Updated)

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