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January 06, 2013

Your Hard Earned Tax Dollars … Welfare Recipients Drawing Taxpayer Funds at Strip Clubs, Liquor Stores & Porn Shops

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This gives a whole new meaning to the term “pole” tax. Isn’t this special … welfare leaches are withdrawing tax payer funds via their EBT cards at strip club, liquor store and porn shop ATM’s. Even though, the Agriculture Department prohibits the purchase of alcohol, tobacco and non-food items, recipients are withdrawing cash at these types of establishment ATM’s and obviously purchasing bread and milk for their families. NYC Mayor Bloomberg is all about the regulating of the size of a soda, but not welfare funds. More typical liberal logic.

NY Post

An investigation into where welfare recipients are using their Electronic Benefit Transfer cards has revealed that some are withdrawing taxpayer money from EBT-friendly ATMs at strip clubs and liquor stores.

The New York Post, looking at a database of 200 million EBT records from January 2011 to July 2012 obtained through a Freedom of Information request, discovered that some people receiving government benefits have been using their EBT cards to withdraw cash at several questionable New York establishments: Hank’s Saloon, a porn shop called Blue Door Video, the Patriot Saloon, the Club Eleven strip club, the Club Heat strip joint and Drinks Galore.

Food stamps and cash assistance from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program are accessible through EBT cards. EBT cash benefits can be withdrawn from participating ATMs.

Just curious, why are any welfare recipients allowed to withdraw cash from an EBT card? This is an obvious recipe for fraud. For what purpose would the welfare recipients need cash? If they are able to purchase goods, food and other necessary items via there EBT card, for what purpose do they need cash? Sorry, but there is no, let me emphasize this, NO REASON WHY OUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS SHOULD BE USED IN THIS MANNER!!! 

This is how much the Federal and States care about the proper utilization of hard earned tax payer dollars. We are called greedy and uncaring for questioning why individuals need such welfare funds, yet these leaches are allowed to get away with this fraud and the feds and state governments could care less. Talk about passing the buck. The Feds, the Department of Health and Human Services say its the responsibility of the states and the states say its the retailers obligation. In the end, NO ONE REGULATES THE LOCATIONS … ARE YOU FRIGGIN SERIOUS? The following is the ignorance of the program. If one is taking cash out, how would anyone know what the cash is for? Oh, it’s the honor system. AIN’T THAT GRAND!!!

Welfare recipients receive food stamps and cash assistance under the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. Both benefits are accessed through an EBT card, but only cash assistance — meant for housing, utilities and household necessities — can be accessed at ATMs.

A single-person household could receive a maximum $200 in monthly food stamps plus $158 in cash assistance. A family of four could get as much as $668 in food stamps and $433 in cash.

More government brilliance, or the lack thereof. Obviously this program has been set up to encourage fraud.

A spokesman with the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees TANF, told the Post that states are responsible for making rules governing the use of EBT cards. New York’s welfare office explained that it is the retailers who decide if they house an EBT-compatible ATM, not the state, which does not regulate the locations.

Some one needs to explain the following … how is it that our tax dollars taken by the feds and sent to the states have no regulations in place to make sure that there is no fraud taking place? So one can just make continual cash withdrawals with their ETB card at ATM’s and purchase illegal drugs, cigarettes, guns and extra large sodas?

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