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May 05, 2012

Another Obama Failure … Barack Obama Unable to Fill Arena at Campaign Kick Off at Ohio St (Picture)

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The One, the Obamamessiah, President Barack Hussein Obama officially launched his 2012 “Forward” reelection campaign to a half empty arena at Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. GO BUCKEYES! The picture below was taken during Obama’s speech meant to wow the underwhelming crowd. Talk about your embarrassments. Obama’s staff had expected an overflow of people, instead they had to reseat the sparse crowd to the floor to give the appearance more were in attendance. Sorry, but when Barack Obama cannot fill an arena at a college campus … Houston Barack, you got a problem.

Funny, all I could think of when I saw this story of Obama’s lack of audience was two lines from the classic movie ‘This is Spinal Tap’.

Ian Faith: The Boston gig has been cancelled…
David St. Hubbins: What?
Ian Faith: Yeah. I wouldn’t worry about it though, it’s not a big college town.

The other was when the lead singer was asked whether he feared that the bands popularity was waning because they are playing to much smaller crowds in smaller venues. The response was, the audience is not getting smaller, just more selective. At least Barack Obama was billed before the puppet show on the arena marque.

Courtesy: Ryan Williams TWITTER

Barack Obama launched his campaign in unspectacular fashion today at Ohio State University, the largest college in the crucial swing state.  A photo posted to twitter by Mitt Romney’s campaign spokesman Ryan Williams reveals sparse attendance.  The above image, according to Williams, was taken during the President’s first official campaign speech.

During the speech, Obama ripped into the presumptive GOP nominee and discussed nation building at home, but the most newsworthy item of the day was not the talking points Obama delivered: it was the crowd… or lack thereof.  According to ABC News, the Obama campaign had expected.

Just so you don’t think that this was a Romney stunt of a pic prior to the President showing up to OSU, even the CNN shills were forced to admit the crowd was lacking. In perfect in the tank MSM form, the CNN reporter felt the need to comment that Mitt Romney has never had a crowd like this. At the 1:30 mark the reporter admitted that the top tier of the arena was empty, the TV shot conveniently did not show that. However, note to MSM … Barack Obama is the incumbent President and the fact that he cannot fill a sporting arena on a college campus is damning. Its not like this is the Fall and all the kids were at The Horse Shoe watching football. However, the in the Obama tank MSM felt the need to make an excuse for Obama’s no-shows. Note to MSM, Romney is not the official nominee of the GOP, Obama is the sitting president.

Not a good day for Barack Obama. As reported by the Gateway Pundit, first he forgot his wife, then he could not fill a stadium. To top his day off he probably missed his gold tee time as well.

According to the Toledo Blade, the venue for Obama’s rally seats 20,000 but “there were a lot of empty seats.” Comparatively, Obama drew a crowd of 35,000 at Ohio State when he campaigned for former Governor Ted Strickland in 2010

Make no mistake about it … we have stated this for quite some time, Barack Obama will not be able to capture the magic from 2008 for one reason and one reason only … HIS RECORD!!! Rather than a reelection theme of “Forward”, it would appear that Obama is stuck in neutral. It has been previously reported that the college age kids were no longer enamored with Obama and the 2008 “Hope & Change” fever has been replaced with 2012 apathy.  It looks like today was the actual proof. As reported at Fire Andrea Mitchell, “Even indoctrinated college kids aren’t turning out in big numbers for the Messiah Obama anymore.”

Just curious, does the Obama reelect team think the no-shows at Ohio St are racists?

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