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July 30, 2011

20 Year Old Amber Chantel Elkins Missing Since Sunday Evening, July 24, 2011 from Humble, TX (UPDATE: James David Clark Arrested for Murder)

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20 year old Amber Chantel Elkins from Humble, TX has been missing since Sunday evening, July 24, 2011 in the area of Greens Road and Highway 59 in Harris County, TX. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said that she may be a victim of foul play.  On Tuesday, a dark green 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer registered to Elkins was found abandoned in the Greens Bayou parking lot. According to police, the front passenger window of the vehicle  had been shattered and there was a substantial amount of blood was visible. The owner of Tommy’s Car Care discovered the SUV with his brother and called 911.

“We walked over together and looked in, that’s when we saw the blood and it looked like, you know, commotion had taken place in there,” said Tommy Johnson. “Her purse and stuff like that was thrown all over the place, blood was on the seat, on the console, the shifter, on the sides of the driver seat.”

Missing: Amber Chantel Elkins

Elkins is described as standing at a height of between 5-feet 8-inches and 5-feet 9-inches tall, weighing 130 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. She has two stars tattooed on her wrist and the word “ACE” tattooed on her ankle.

Deputies arrived around 2:45 p.m. Tuesday to find a dark green 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer abandoned in a parking lot on Homestead Road near Old Humble Road. The sport utility vehicle with Georgia license plates was left in the lot north of Greens Bayou.

Upon further investigation, deputies found the front passenger window of the Trailblazer had been shattered and that a substantial amount of blood was visible in the vehicle.

Crews Search for Missing Spring Mother: MyFoxHOUSTON.com

Shani Kilpatrick,, Amber Elkins’ mother stated that she received a call at 3:30 AM on Sunday, but she missed the call because she was sleeping. When she called her back, a guy answered and hung up when Kilpatrick  asked where Amber was.

“I called her back and a guy answered. I asked where Amber was, and he hung up,” said Kilpatrick. “She would only call me at 3:30 in the morning if something was wrong. That’s why I know something was wrong.”

Kilpatrick said the man was her daughter’s new boyfriend. The two have been dating about a month and Kilpatrick said she does not know much about him.

Kilpatrick also said Elkins was due in court on Monday for a custody hearing regarding her 9-month-old daughter, who is staying with relatives.

Tim Miller and Texas Equusearch are helping in the search for missing Amber Chantel Elkins. According to Tim Miller, it does not look good.

“Unfortunately, she wasn’t reported missing,” said Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch in an interview with FOX 26 Morning News. “We want to hold on to that hope at times that somebody is going to be found alive

If anyone has any information, please call the Harris County Sheriff’s Dept. at (713) 222-6000.

UPDATE I: Hope Dim in Finding Amber Chantel Elkins, Mom says her behavior was unusual and she had new friends.

Her daughter, 20-year-old Amber Chantel Elkins, seemed out of character, hanging out with a new crowd including a new boyfriend, none of whom Kilpatrick knew very well. [...]

Elkins, who has a 9-month-old daughter, was last seen Sunday evening. Kilpatrick said Elkins was supposed to go to court the next morning to fill out paperwork for the beginning of custody hearings concerning her own daughter, Ava Ferrata, whose father had refused to return the infant after a visit. But Elkins never showed up to the hearing.

“She was trying to get her baby back,” Kilpatrick said.

UPDATE II: 31 year old James David Clark, boyfriend of missing Amber Alkins arrested for her murder. Clark has been booked at the Harris County jail. He is not the father of her children. Just another example of yet another senseless murder.  James David Clark has a past record that includes assault, theft and drug charges. Seems like boyfriend material to me. What a sad, sad, situation.

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