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April 29, 2011

USA Today/Gallup Poll: Americans Favor Republicans Over Democrats with US Budget

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Incumbent Obama will need a lot more than raising money to get reelected in 2012.

A recent USA Today/Gallup poll states that Americans favor Republicans over Democrats in handling the US federal budget. Shocker, you mean Americans do not trust tax and spend liberals to handle the budget and a President in Obama who has put drunken sailors to shame with his spending. The poll also showed that Americans preferred the GOP over Democrats on six of seven major issues facing the United States.

The federal budget was the only issue in which respondents clearly preferred one party over the other, with 48 percent favoring Republicans and 36 percent Democrats.

The poll found that Americans favored Republicans by smaller margins on four other issues: Afghanistan, the U.S. economy, immigration and jobs. Democrats held a small advantage on handling healthcare, the poll found.

Even though the one issue, health care, other polls show that Americans prefer to repeal Obamacare. making matters worse for Obama is the continued stagnant economy, lack of jobs, lingering unemployment and rising gas prices. Worse than Obama’s falling overall job approval rating is his poor approval rating in handling the economy. However, Obama’s overall performance as President can be summed up in American’s mood of the direction of the country. Only 25.8% of the people think that the country is headed in the right direction, while an incredible 67.5% think we are on the wrong track. Try getting reelected with those numbers.

What will Obama run on …

  1. Can’t do “Hope & Change”, been there done that.
  2. Can’t run as an Outside the Beltway candidate, he’s the incumbent.
  3. Can’t blame Bush, or will he?
  4. Can’t run on jobs created.
  5. Can’t run on the price of gas going up over 100% during his Presidency.
  6. Can’t run on his campaign promises of ending two wars and closing GITMO.


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