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November 19, 2010

Amigoe: ‘Joran Van der Sloot possibly released after six years’ for Murder of Stephany Flores (Natalee Holloway)

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From Amigoe comes the following wishful thinking on the part of Joran Van der Sloot’s attorney Máximo Altívez …

Joran Van der Sloot possibly released after 6 years if convicted for the murder of Stephany Flores in Peru?Hardly. Van der Sloot faces up to 20 years and does anyone think that this punk will remain on good behavior in prison? What is going to happen when the news comes back as to the ID of the jaw bone found in Aruba. His past is starting to catch up with him and there is only so long that Joran Van der Sloot could avoid the long arm of justice.

ORANJESTAD/ LIMA — If Joran van der Sloot is convicted, he could be released after six years already. His lawyer, Máximo Altívez said this before the press in Peru. According to reports, Joran sticks to his confession of murdering Stephany Flores on May 30th, but denies stealing 800 soles and the victim’s vehicle.

Local media in Peru report that Altívezindicated his client could get a 20-year prison sentence for murder if he could prove in his defense that Joran had not taken the money Flores had on her and that he had only moved her vehicle at the request of another driver. He would only have to serve six of those twenty years and released afterwards due to good behavior.

Joran van der Slootis currently confined in the Miguel Castro Castro prison in Peru, in anticipation of his trial for the murder of StephanyFlores. Shortly after his arrest, he confessed the murder of the 21-year old Peruvian. He is the main suspect in the disappearance case of the American Natalee Holloway. This case is still exercising many minds. Joran plans to press charges against Beth Twitty – Natalee’s mother – and crime journalist Peter R. de Vriesbecause they filmed a confrontation in the office of the prison director with a hidden camera. Those images were broadcasted on the Dutch and the American television several weeks ago.

Good behavior, eh? Joran Van der Sloot faces extortion charges still in Alabama and with the latest news of a jaw bone found in Aruba, could be facing a whole new trial. Does Aruba really want the bad PR cast down upon their island and tourism affected again?

‘Natalee’s jaw’
According to further reports yesterday, the remains of Natalee Holloway’s jaw were found at the beach of the DiviPhoenix Hotel. The foreign media pounced on the news even though it’s not certain it regards a human jaw. Although the American news channel CNN was initially reticent to link up a connection with the Holloway case, they decided otherwise in their last broadcast. The Dutch media went a step further. For instance, the headline of the De Telegraaf this morning read ‘Hope for breakthrough in Holloway investigation’. One of the largest news sites in the Netherlands Nu.nl even wrote ‘Jaw of Natalee Holloway possibly discovered’. Peter R. de Vries, who won an international reputation by press coverage on the missing teenager, also responded on his website. His is more reticent than the other Dutch media. “One has often claimed they found something from Natalee Holloway, such as clothing or a piece of bone. Each time it had given her mother, Beth hope but eventually every time it appeared to be nothing. Also this time, I think there’s a slim chance that it regards remains of Natalee. It could have washed ashore, and I can’t imagine something is still left after five years in the sea.”
Amigoe already reported on the discovered bone yesterday. That coverage also included a picture, which the Aruban newspaper Diario published earlier, but apparently not the found jaw.

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