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November 01, 2005

Natalee Holloway Investigation: Beth Twitty To Return to Aruba Today

Posted in: Aruba,Beth Holloway,boycott,Dave Holloway,Gerold Dompig,Missing Persons,Natalee Holloway

Beth Twitty is returning to Aruba today to further the search efforts for her daughter Natalee Holloway. She will be joined by her brother Paul Reynolds in these efforts pursue the investigations. This is expected to be a short trip to Aruba in hopes of meeting with Deputy Police Chief Gerold Dompig and Prosecutor Karen Janssen.

Natalee Holloway’s mother is not giving up. Beth Twitty is scheduled to leave for Aruba Tuesday morning.

Although there is nothing new in the investigation, Twitty said she plans to stay in Aruba for the rest of the week to help with the search.

From reports last night from Beth’s interview with Greta it looks like the wheels have come off the cart from Jug Twitty making the comment to Rita Cosby, “It is optimistic. I hope—you know, Gerold was very instrumental in the beginning of the investigation“.

It appears that Beth Twitty may be taking off the gloves on this trip to Aruba as one source mentioned; Beth Twitty referenced to Greta Van Susteren that all of the volunteers who were in Aruba left because there was “nothing left for the searchers to do.”

“There is no sense in them just sitting around the hotel room doing nothing,” Twitty said. She said it was not easy coordinating the volunteer searchers, because they have to take time from their jobs and their families.

It had been said by both Dave Holloway and Tim Miller of Equusearch and again by Beth Twitty that the searchers needed extra equipment to complete their search. This equipment that would provide for deeper underwater searches could be made available from the FBI, but Aruban officials first had to request the FBI’s assistance. To date it had not been done.

Beth even went so far to say that phone calls to Dompig by her were never returned. Looks like the investigation is back to the good old days of communication and cooperation.

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