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July 31, 2010

President Barack Obama Job Approval Numbers … He’s Fallen and He Can’t Get up

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It is finally happening to President Barack Hussein Obama and his job approval numbers … The Perfect Storm of events for his negative poll number have reached the tipping point as the American voters are fed up with this President’s agenda … Obama has fallen and he can’t get up.


It was only a matter of time before the sum of all of the separate individual polls on how Obama was handling the economy, health care, immigration, the deficit, the budget, war on terror, BP oil spill and the rest of the main political indicators caught up with “The One”. For months all of the political indicator polls were negative for Obama, yet his job approval was positive. That situation is no longer the case.

The Rasmussen Presidential Daily Tracking poll has Barack Obama at -20. The One also finds himself with a -12% job approval rating with 44% approval and 56% disapproval.


In less than two years in office Barack Obama has lost the independent, female, youth and Hispanic vote. The result as seen at Real Clear Politics is an endless number of polls that all have Barack Hussein Obama in the RED. The average polling ar RCP has Obama at -4.6% job approval. Rasmussen, Gallup, Fox News, CNN and Quinnipiac polls all have Obama in the negative.

The other commercial that might symbolize the Obama Presidency is … “Where’s the Beef”

Barack Obama has been on the wrong side of so many political issues since he has taken office, it has left Americans heads spinning and as upset as they have ever been. Americans are against the Obama stimulus and call it a failure. Never has that been more evident than with the most recent anemic 2.4% GDP numbers for 2nd qtr of 2010. Americans are against Obama suing Arizona on the illegal immigrant bill, they also trust the states more in handling the illegal immigrant issue better than the federal government.

How much of a drag will Obama have on the Democrat ticket in 2010? If the Democrats lose the House and/or the Senate and/or the majority of Governorships in the November midterms, what will be the further effect on Obama’s job approval? Such a bold statement by “WE THE PEOPLE” would say emphatically that they do not want Obama’s agenda and he/Democrats is either to reverse direction and suffer an even worse beating in 2012.

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