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May 25, 2010

Obama White House: Dick Morris Says that Sestak-WH Job Offer is An Impeachable Offense

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Welcome to more Hope & Change, Obama-style …

Is Sestak-gate an impeachable crime … did it rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors? Dick Morris says yes, Obama and his boys probably think it’s just business as usual … Chicago style.

This scandal could be enormous … either Joe Sestak is lying or the White House committed a crime. Dick Morris stated that theĀ  statute states that it is illegal to offer a job, any thing of importance or value in return for a vote or running or not running for office … hmm?

Dick Morris was on Fox News Sean Hannity and said the following.

What did the President know and when did he know it?

Is the Obama White House in full spin mode on the issue? Obama Press Secretary now admits a discussion took place but nothing inappropriate occurred. Congressman Sestak admitted on Sunday that a job offer was made but did not elaborate.

The White House says, TRUST US on this matter, nothing happened. That’s right America, trust them just like Obama said that Obamacare would lower health care costs and the deficit. Trust us like Obama said this would be the most transparent government, EVAH! Get this, the WH has done a probe of the situation and found nothing wrong … we just need to move along, no scandal here. Good grief!

Dick Morris said that if Sestak was offered a job not to run by the Obama WH to pave the way for an Arlen Specter victory … that is an impeachable offense.

Aren’t you just waiting for Obama to come aout and face the American people on camera and say, “I did not offer that man a job, Mr. Sestak, a job to quit the race. I never told any one to offer him a job, not a single time and now I have to get back to doing the work of the America people.” Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Of course with an approval rating at 44% and a Daily Presidential Tracking Index of -18, do the American people really want Obama doing any work for them? He seems to just be doing gangbusters in the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida with the BP oil spill. Just ask Louisiana Governor Jindal about Obama’s slowness in reaction to the spill and the devastation that it has now caused.

Sarah Palin has linked the BP donations to the slowness of the Obama response. Could this be yet another scandal or inappropriate situation? Probably not in this case, it’s just plain old, over your head, not ready for the job, Presidential incompetence.

Ask yourself this … imagine what the MSM would be saying if this delayed reaction to the BP oil spill had happened under a Republican President?

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