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September 22, 2009

Quid Pro Art … Obama White House Scandal: The NEA, the White House, The Lies, the Cover-Up … Oh My

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More scandals and where is the main stream media and their coverage?

Big Government.com and Andrew Breitbart strikes again, this time via BIG HOLLYWOOD!

Is Obamacare Waterloo or Watergate?

Is this the “Hope & Change” that Obama promised, political corruption? More from the most ethical and transparent White House in history. So much for rules.

The Obama White House caught red handed using the tax funded NEA for propaganda purposes. Just call itQUID PRO ART”. The transcript that can be read HERE (full audio & transcript) is absolutely devastating. The White House used a government tax subsidized organization to do their bidding. Once again, the American tax payers trust has been broken by the Obama White House.

What this involves is White House employees actively recruiting artists to push Obama’s “aggressive agenda”, using the NEA and its funding as a both a carrot and a conduit.  At the top of their list for promotional propaganda, right about the time the Town Halls were having an effect?  Health Care. 

Once again, where was the MSM? Where was that great investigative, fact based journalists that Obama praised over the weekend. As Patterico’s Pontification wrote, the NEA is encouraging artists to create propaganda for a president’s policy initiatives. Patterico and Powelrine is a must read. By the way, doesn’t this smack of exactly what Obama had initially tried to do with his speech and lesson assignments to the school children that the parents and “We the People” shut down?

Some excerpt from Protein Wisdom:

•“I would encourage you to pick something, whether it’s health care, education, the environment, you know, there’s four key areas that the corporation has identified as the areas of service.”
•“And then my ask would be to apply artistic, you know, your artistic creative communities utilities and bring them to the table.”
•“Again, I’m really, really honored to be working with you; the National Endowment for the Arts is really honored.”
•“You’re going to see a lot more of us in the next four and hopefully eight years.”

An update from Hot Air via Big Government … Looks like ACORN has a seat in the Obama White House. Say hello to Buffy Wicks. What a shock, an ACORN tie … but then again, Barack Obama did has not paid any attention to the Acorn scandal and was not even aware that they received much federal funds.

BigGovernment.com continues to wake-up America to Obama Administration relationships with ACORN and Big Labor.  BigGov’s  latest story highlights Presidential Advisor Valerie Jarrett’s crew member Buffy Wicks who is the former political director of forced union dues financed WakeupWalmart.com (Wakeup). In the conference call, Wicks highlighted the important role United We Serve (Serve.gov) has in President Obama’s Organizing America strategy. See Dana Loesch’s article about Serve.gov directing volunteers to ACORN.

Isn’t it amazing that it always tracks back to a nut? That little organization called ACORN, those community organizers that Obama claims to know so little about or follow. No wonder Barack Obama cannot stand blogs!

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