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August 21, 2009

Michael Vick Dog Jerseys Licensed by the NFL for Sale … Oh This is in Good Taste

Posted in: Crime,Main,Sports,WTF

Coming soon to a sports store near you … Michael Vick Dog Jerseys … WTF!!! WHAT THE HELL KIND OF MESSAGE DOES THIS SEND!

Are you serious? Who thinks this is in good taste? What next, official NFL retro-OJ Simpson carving knives? Maybe the NFL can sell the OJ memorabilia that Simpson tried to steal as to the reason why he is presently serving time? Maybe the NFL can sponsor defensive driving lessons with Donte Stallworth and make a nick off that too?

Vick_dog Jersey


The officially licensed NFL® custom pet jersey from Hunter is made of breathable polyester micromesh fabric and has a stylish and comfort-fitted v-neck cut.

Individuals are allowed a second chance in life. Even if you are a dog killing, dog drowning, dog electrocuting piece of human debris. Of course hoe many such people with such deep seeded mental issues can say their second chance will make them millions? It gets worse. Now it appears that the NFL will look to profit from Michael Vick’s criminal past. What sick bastard would buy this jersey and how in the hell is the NFL even selling it?

It’s one thing to allow someone a second chance, it’s another thing to make a mockery out of the persons crime and profit from it. SICK!!!

This is about as sick as it gets. I am all for capitalism, but for the NFL to license Michael Vick Dog jerseys in beyond belief. Could you be any more insensitive? The piece of human waste is being made to sit out the first part of the NFL season by Commissioner Goodell for his behavior, yet a dog jersey from a man convicted and who serviced prison time for killing dogs is considered appropriate? If the NFL thinks its perfectly fine to exploit money from Vick dog jerseys, why isn’t it ok for him to be playing right now in the NFL? Talk about a bunch of double talking hypocrites.

Dick’s to Vick: We say ‘nix’ to your jersey, sort of

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