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July 31, 2009

Nancy Pelosi Vilifies Insurance Companies … Calls Them Immoral … The Politics of Fear

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“The more the public knows about what we’re doing, the more they support it … “ (Nancy Pelosi)

These people live in denial and a dream world. Has there ever been a more false statement? Maybe ever. All of the polls show that the more Americans learn about Obamacare, the more they oppose it. Even after Obama speaks to them directly, “We the People” oppose this government power grab disguised as a health care plan. Nancy Pelosi, you mean polls like this that show such great trending support for Obamacare?

Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has taken a page from the Barack Obama school of fear mongering with the Obamacare debate. One day after delaying the nationalized health care vote. Pelosi lashed out at the health insurance industry and urged her members to do the same during the August recess. Talk about your childish antics and temper tantrums when they do not get their way. Think Pelosi, Reid and Obama are not miffed and feeling the pressure about not having a vote for Obamacare prior to the August recess? Think San Fran Nan does not know that when Democrats, and not just Blue Dog ones, go home they are not going to get an earful from the disgruntled masses regarding the sham known as Obamacare?

They are starting to become unglued and cannot handle the truth that Americans do not support socialized medicine.

What does any liberal Dem do when they don’t get their socialist way … blame and vilify others. First it was Barack Obama demonizing doctors calling them greedy and making health care decisions for their patients based on fee schedules and not what was best for the patient. Now Pelosi says that insurance companies are evil and the anti-Christ.

“They are the villains in this,” Pelosi said of private insurers. “They have been part of the problem in a major way. They are doing everything in their power to stop a public option from happening. And the public has to know that. They can disguise their arguments any way they want, but the fact is that they don’t want the competition.”

“It’s almost immoral what they are doing,” added Pelosi, who stood outside her office long after her press conference ended to continue speaking to reporters, even as aides tried in vain to usher her inside. “Of course they’ve been immoral all along in how they have treated the people that they insure with pre-existing conditions, you know, the litany of it all.”

Just as Pelosi was speaking, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), the No. 2 Democrat in the House, was also meeting with reporters and acknowledging that Democrats have been losing the message war “a little bit” with Republicans.

Who are the villains? From The Weekly Standard, Pelosi Calls Insurance Companies ‘Immoral,’ ‘Carpet-Bombing’ ‘Villains’. However, who got the $’s from those evil insurance companies?


Open Secrets.org

Why do Democrats have such an issue with companies making profits? As posted at Hot Air in an op-ed they reference, Americans must be reminded that making profits is a good thing.

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