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June 28, 2009

Jon & Kate Gosselin: Reality (Lie) TV Role Models Living Apart for Two Years … Might be Jon & Kate Minus 8 … Judge to Decide Children on Show

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Reality TV … Get Real!

A lesson to all that watch reality TV shows, they are not real! Please let the “reality” TV show Jon Lie_BIGand Kate Plus 8 be a reminder to all that there is nothing real about “reality” TV. According to divorce papers filed recently in a Pennsylvania court, Jon and Kate Gosselin have been living apart for two years, despite representing themselves on the TV show as a model family.

Since the family is in court already with the divorce, maybe all the viewers can do a class action lawsuit for the fraud that they watched for the past two seasons … then again, everyone should know better. If some thing is promoted as reality TV, you can rest assured it is not.

The document confirms that, despite the Gosselins’ continual claims that the press was ‘harassing them’ and making up stories about their problems, the true depth of their broken marriage was being hidden from public view. While Kate was appearing for paid speeches where she would talk about being a ‘super mom’, and putting her name to ghostwritten books on parenting, her husband was living over the family garage.


The couple denied vehemently that Jon was dating 23-year-old Deanna Hummel, whom he called a friend of the family, only for that to be shown to be true. They also denied they were living apart, which again was false.

When Jon and Kate first announced that there were getting divorced, they had originally stated that they show must go on. They stated it was for the children. Sure it was. Because it had nothing to do with lining their pockets, continuing their 15 minutes of fame based on a lie and corporate TV ratings. The last consideration on anyone’s mind was the children and the damaging effects that this might have on them. After all, Jon, Kate and TLC hardly cared promoting the “model family” lie for the past two seasons at the expense of the children.

However, it appears that some one is actually going to step in and look out after the children against the exploitation of the parents and TLC. A family court judge could order Jon and Kate to remove their children for the TV show making it Jon & Kate Minus or Without 8. Obviously, if there were no children on the show, there would be no show. Unless TLC wants to promote reality TV of two adults in a viscous pan throwing divorce. Oh wait, we can see that live and in color with the couple down there street.

Jon & Kate are at it again, and there is a possibility that a family court could order the Gosselin children removed from the show. Mary Cushing Doherty a Pennsylvania family law attorney says,

“The question for the court could be whether it’s ‘in the best interest of these children to have their lives on TV as children of divorce.  Is that way too much emotional baggage for any minor to have in their lives as children of divorced parents on TV? I think so.”

If that happens, the court could appoint a child advocate for the kids. That advocate is supposed to be a responsible adult.   I believe that any responsible adult would immediately remove the kids from the show or at least make sure that the kids are receiving the majority of the windfall income that Jon and Kate get.

Jon and Kate plus or minus 2 years

Jon and Kate plus or minus two years?

Kate Gosselin claims in divorce papers that she and husband Jon have been living “separate and apart” for at least two years, but attorneys for the stars of TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ clarified that the two lived under the same roof for part of that time, E! reports.

What is best for the children, on or off the show … you decide.

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