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April 15, 2009

Nashville, TN Tea Party an Amazing Success … Music City Tea Party A Singing Success

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Tea Parties … a huge success … this is just the beginning


Don’t let anyone in the media or on the LEFT tell you that there were hundreds of protectors in Music City … there were thousands.

The Nashville, TN “TEA PARTY” was nothing but a resounding success. All I can say is WOW!!! Thousands upon thousands turned out in downtown Nashville to let their voices be hears and heard they were. Luckily, I happened to be here on business today and was glad I was. Surrounded by a mass of humanity, there was a constant theme that the tax and spending must end. Tea Party goers are tired of the Obama socialist spending and the debt being incurred by our children and grandchildren.


 War Memorial Plaza, right next to Legislative Plaza was packed with protesters. The streets were lines with sign waving protesters all with one message. The Obama spending must end. The bailouts must end. However, this was not just a message to Barack Obama. It was a shot across the bow to all politicians especially Republicans. Start acting responsible to “We the People”. As Phil Valantine, syndicated conservative talk show host on Nashville’s local radio station 97.7 WTN Supertalk and speaker at today’s rally … I hate socialism!!! He also said …


“The profile of an ex-Congressman is someone who went to Washington and voted for a bailout. The profile of an ex-Congressman is some body who is bailing out the auto industry as we speak.”



























From other Tea Parties across America:

UPDATE I: So Barack Obama is not Aware of the Tea Parties, huh?

It is hard to believe that this informed President is not aware that there are Tea Parties going on in all 50 states across America. Of course for Barack, they are taking place in 57 states. One would suspect the White House is trying to trivialize the tea parties. As  Marc Ambinder states the tea parties really are something.

But the tea parties really are something. Their origins — organic, programmatic, accidental or otherwise — don’t matter much anymore. If — and we’ll have to see the numbers at the end of the day — 100,000 Americans show up to protest their taxes, the onus to dismiss them as a nascent political force shifts to the Democrats.  There’s no evidence that official Republican strategists connected with the Republican National Committee, John Boehner’s office or the NRSC had the insight to conceive of these events, much less to try and bigfoot the organizers. 

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