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April 07, 2009

Angela Harrison Says that Husband James Harrison shot Their 5 Children to Punish Her … Punish her for What?

Posted in: Child Welfare,Crime,Deceased,Murder

Once again innocent children pay for the sins of adults … Who’s looking out after the children?

Angela Harrison, the mother of the 5 murdered children at the hands of their father, Child_abuseJames Harrison, stated that she was not having an affair but believed that her husband did this in order to punish her.  One would ask the obvious question then, punish her for what? If it was not an affair or something, why would she feel that her husband was trying to punish her? The sad reality is that if this was an abusive relationship, she should have left and taken her children out of harms way.

The mother of five children killed in the family’s mobile home denied that she was having an affair Monday, but said she believes her husband killed her kids to punish her.

Angela Harrison told Seattle television station KCPQ that she tried many times to leave her 34-year-old husband and he tried to control her for years.

Pierce County sheriff’s officers said the woman had told her husband she was leaving him for another man.

Sadly, innocent children pay for the sins of their parents. James Harrison killed his five children this past weekend at their home at the Seer Run mobile home park in Washington state and then later took his own life. It was suspected at the time in comments made in a previous post that James Harrison did such a heinous act to target his wife in taking things that she loved away.

At this point of this tragic story it probably does not matter what the situation was regarding the woman’s affair or whether she had planned to go back home and get her children. It is too late. It is just another case of an abusive relationship where one spouse refuses to get the backbone and leave

But the 30-year-old mother told the TV station that she didn’t have an affair and had planned to go back home to get her kids.

“They were my life and they were taken from me. He was real selfish, what he did,” she told KCPQ.

Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer told the Associated Press on Monday that investigators’ theory about what happened hasn’t changed.

At some point the adult has to act like an adult and do the right thing for their children no matter what their children say or think. Angela Harrison stated that “for the longest time, I’ve tried and tried and tried to leave,” but stayed because her children begged her and that they wanted to remain a family. Did anyone think that the situation was going to get better? I expect children not to know any better; however, an adult should.

Sadly, in the end not only did the Harrison family not remain a family … five innocent children were gunned down and murdered by a father who took his own life. If Angela Harrison had decided that her marriage was over and knew that her husband was abusive and controlling, she had an obligation to get her children out of harms way before she took her self.

There are only 5 victims in this case … the innocent five children who wanted nothing more than to be a part of  a family. May God be with them and they rest and be finally in eternal peace.

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