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November 29, 2008

US Troops Kill Taliban Commander Haji Yakub Hiding in Woman’s Clothing … No Virgins for You

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Taliban commander killed was dressed in a burqa … No Virgins for You.

Define irony and cowardice … a member of Taliban forces hiding behind the guise of being dressed like a women. Hiding under a burqa and pretending to be a women, the very people that the Taliban treat as secondary citizens and treat much worse. The Taliban treat women like dirt; however, when it comes time to hide from US troops, the cowards dress like women. Isn’t that special.

It is being reported that US Troops have killed Haji Yakub, a Taliban commander, and several other militants in Afghanistan. The Taliban commander was actually trying to hide from US forces wearing womens clothing, dressed in a burqa. Islamofascits of the world should be very proud of one of theirs trying to evade capture by the infidels dressed as a woman. As the Gateway Pundit states, when he tried to kill US soldiers he was shot dead in his burqa.

Gunbattles and airstrikes by NATO and Afghan troops killed 53 militants in Afghanistan, including a wanted Taliban commander who tried to hide from soldiers under a woman’s burqa, officials said Saturday.

The U.S. forces targeting the commander surrounded a house Friday in Ghazni province and ordered everyone inside to leave, a military statement said.

Six women and 12 children left the building, but while soldiers were questioning the women they discovered one was actually a man dressed in a burqa, the traditional all-encompassing dress that most Afghan women wear. The man, later identified as the targeted commander Haji Yakub, tried to attack the soldiers and was killed, the military said.

Yakub allegedly directed roadside bomb and suicide attacks against Afghanistan’s government and coalition forces in Ghazni, according to the statement. Three other militants were killed in the operation, it said.

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US: Taliban commander killed in Afghanistan

In the Ghazni raid, the U.S. said coalition forces discovered Yakub as they questioned a group of women and children inside a compound. The Taliban commander was dressed in a burqa, a traditional robe that covers the entire body. He was killed when he “attempted to engage the force,” the statement said.

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