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September 15, 2008

SNL, Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Take Jabs at Sarah Palin & Hillary Clinton … Obama Barbs No Where to be Found

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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler take their pokes at Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton

Of course it was funny, but how far in the tank is SNL for Obama? SNL and the lack of pretense of an actor poking fun at Obama show America one of the very reasons why people cannot vote for Obama. Just as in the case with John Kerry, the candidate is stiff, rigid and not real. If one cannot laugh at themselves, who can they laugh at? What it does show is the continued media bias.


What a shocker, Saturday Night Live makes Sarah Palin fair game and to some extent Hillary Clinton; however, the Chosen One Barack Obama manages to escape the roast and ridicule.

During the skit Amy Poehler, aka Hillary Clinton, tell the press “to grow a pair and if you can’t I will lend you mine” in an obvious cry for the liberal MSM to go after Palin and question her. Hey Amy and the rest of the libs at SNL, have you been watching? What do you think the MSM has been doing in an all out vicious and unprecedented manner. I guess Amy Poehler, in her liberal bias missed these media articles:

The attack dogs have been out in force since Sarah Palin was announced in an attempt to destroy her. Barack Obama has even made an obvious dig at Palin with his lipsticking a pig comment.

So the question to SNL is why can’t they seem to find it in themselves to poke fun at Barack Obama? It is not as if SNL did not do skits that were not flattering to Democratic Presidential hopefuls like Al Gore and John Kerry. SNL has certainly had their fun with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Darrell Hammond and the late Phil Hartman were and still are the best depictions of Bill Clinton. Also, Hammond’s “lock box” skit of Al Gore is legendary.

So why no Obama? Do not tell us that Obama has not provided the SNL writers with material. Of course he has. Why is it that The Chosen One appears live vs. having someone imitate him? SNL had no problem nailing Hillary Clinton last Halloween.

If SNL can spoof McCain for his age, why can’t they pike fun at Obama in the same manner wearing a diaper and a baby rattle? If SNL can attack Palin for her inexperience at being a VP, at the very least one would think that they could do the same for Obama’s lack of experience to be President. Isn’t that the fairness doctrine that the Democrats have been railing about? Of course Sarah Palin should be asked questions; however, Obama should be asked the very same ones in the very same manner and tone.

UPDATE I: As The Corner states the best line of the SNL skit was Hillary saying, “I didn’t want a woman to be president. I wanted to be president.” It was actually a toss up as to who SNL was slamming more … in many respects it seemed as if it was Hillary.

UPDATE II: Sure Palin may have laghed at the skit; however, the Washington Monthly misspoke when it said the following: It’s a sketch comedy show. It mocks everyone, exaggerating shortcomings and creating caricatures. That’s the point. Ph contraire, SNL does not mock everyone. It does not mock The Chosen One, Barack Obama.

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