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July 26, 2008

Bermuda Leader’s son, Dr. Kevin Antario Brown, Charged with Sexually Molesting Eight Patients

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Sexual assault and health care fraud charges against son of Bermuda’s Premiere.

37 year old Dr. Kevin Antario Brown, the son of the Bermuda’s Premier Ewart Dr. Kevin Antario Brown_BermudaBrown, has been charged with sexually molesting eight patients. According to reports, one of the patients was 15 years old.  Brown allegedly molested 8 patients over a two year period from between Nov. 6, 2006 to May 31, 2008. he is also being investigated by the state for “multiple healthcare fraud schemes and over prescription of Oxycodone,” according to court documents

Now the 37-year-old doctor is in a Los Angeles jail cell, charged with molesting eight patients, one of them only 15 years old. Investigators are also looking into Brown’s finances and several other sexual allegations, some dating back about a decade.

The case has blindsided Brown’s friends and family, who adamantly deny the charges. They point to Brown’s reputation in the community and his charitable work in some of the world’s worst disaster zones as a testament to his character.

Kevin Antario Brown was initially arrested on July 8, 2008. Brown was charged with sexual battery and exploiting his position as a doctor in incidents involving a female patient and a female undercover police officer posing as a patient. Brown posted $50,000 bail and was released. However, the Los Angeles Police Department appealed for other potential victims to come forward. And when there is smoke there is fire. Six more victims came forward and accused Brown of sexual molesting them. Dr. Kevin Brown was arrested again this past Monday and charged with with 19 felony counts, including a lewd act on a 15-year-old child, rape, sexual battery by fraud and sexual exploitation.

Police investigate new allegations against South Los Angeles doctor
Prosecutors are looking into 7 more incidents allegedly involving Dr. Kevin Brown. He has been jailed and charged with sexually assaulting 8 patients.

In a preliminary hearing, Court Commissioner Henry Hall ordered that Dr. Kevin Brown, 37, be held in jail on $4-million bail, despite protests from his attorneys who suggested it was far higher than bail set in similar cases and seemed to be punitively based on his father’s position as premier of Bermuda.

But Hall agreed with prosecutors that Brown posed a “grave risk” to the community, as well as a potential flight risk because of his financial means and ability to flee to Bermuda, where his father heads the government.

Hall said that given the accusations and growing number of accusers it is likely there are more victims. The court commissioner noted that Brown was also being investigated in a multimillion-dollar healthcare fraud probe by the state. Hall continued Brown’s arraignment to Aug. 7 and ordered him not to contact the alleged victims.

Aside from the sexual assault allegations are the multiple healthcare fraud charges as well. Great, not only has Dr. Kevin Antario Brown been accused of allegedly sexually assaulting patients he is also accused of allegedly raping the Medicare Trust Fund.

Investigators are also probing Dr. Brown’s alleged role in a multi-million dollar medical fraud, the affidavit says. In recent years, doctors have been convicted of making fraudulent claims to Medi-Cal and Medi-Care – two bodies set up to provide medical aid to the poor. Special Agent J. Timothy Fives, of the Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse unit in the California Attorney General’s Office, said that during a raid on another doctor’s home in October, investigators obtained a list of those allegedly involved in the fraud. Dr. Brown’s name was on the list, Mr. Fives said.

Mr. Fives says that doctors already convicted of fraud have told him that Dr. Brown recruited them into the scheme. Mr. Fives added: “Physicians have stated during interviews that they paid Dr. Brown a percentage of their income from fraudulent Medi-Cal and Medi-Care claims in payment for him setting them up in business.”

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