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January 30, 2013

LEFT Caught in a Fraud … Barack Obama Really has Never Shot Skeet, He Shoots Golf

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THE LION LYING KING – SKEET EDITION: How pathetic has the LEFT become in that they have to try and perpetrate a hoax on Americans that Barack Obama shoots skeet.

Guess what America, Obama does not shoot skeet, he plays golf. In an attempt to give Obama street cred with guns and he is some how a SME when it comes to gun control and safety, the LEFT has been pushing the idea that Barack Obama shoots skeet all the time. Sure he does, because he said so.  Yet, with this talking point that Obama shoots skeet, there was not one White House pic of said skeet shooting, even though the White House photographer follows the president taking pics all the time. Oh wait, the New Republic has a pic of Obama shooting skeet. It must be true because pictures never lie. Well, when it comes to Obama and the LEFT lying to misrepresent this president, nothing can be taken at face value. The Weekly Standard has the story on the faux pic of Obama shooting skeet … ITS A FAKE.

@tnr: PHOTO: Obama shooting skeet at Camp David. http://whitehouse.gov1.info/camp-david/index.html … (from http://whitehouse.gov  )

Huh, the fake picture of Barack Obama shooting skeet looks an awful like the golf pic we have used on numerous occasions of President Obama playing his 100+ rounds of golf rather than doing the work of “We the People”. The only problem with the above Obama skeet picture is it was a fake and not hosted on the White House web site. As soon as the fraud was exposed, the magazine had deleted the tweet and admitted its mistake as they blamed Twitter … The New Republic ? @tnr OK, everyone. Apologies. Twitter sometimes leads to quick accidents. 5:36 PM – 29 Jan 13. The problem was not Twitter, it was your shoddy journalism in wanting to badly to believe that Obama was a gun man that you would have put up a pic of John Wayne with Obama’s face photo-shopped on it and believed it.

Next thing the LEFT is going to tell us is that Obama plays baseball all the time.  The only thing that Obama appears to do all the time is lie to “We the People” and make every effort to destroy this once great country.

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