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July 21, 2007

Dave Holloway on Geraldo At Large … Seems Geraldo Back Peddling on Cocaine Overdose Story

Posted in: Aruba,Dave Holloway,Joran Van der Sloot,Media,Missing Persons,Natalee Holloway

Geraldo Rivera seems to be doing some back peddling on his original story that Natalee Holloway overdosed on cocaine. Funny how one changes their point of view when they are confronted with facts and the obvious, the police investigation. Also the fact that a date rape drug overdose would make sense as to why one would hide a body, not cocaine. Its also comical how Geraldo backs down from smearing Natalee Holloway especially when confronted with her dad, Dave Holloway.  

Geraldo: Let’s bring in her dad, Dave Holloway who’s on the phone from Mississippi. Dave believes that if drugs were involved, it wasn’t cocaine and Natalee didn’t take it voluntarily.

Welcome, first of all I want to apologize if our reporting or O’Reilly’s has caused you any pain or suffering but tell me, if drugs were involved, I suspect that you believe that it was the date rape drug, is that right?

Dave Holloway then points out the obvious which Scared Monkeys actually put forth as well when we first heard the ridiculous interview from Bill O’Reilly this past week.

Why would anyone make an accidental overdose into an international affair by hiding a body? Answer: They wouldn’t

But they would try to cover up an accidental overdose of XTC and an assault. (SM)

More from tonights interview with Dave Holloway on Geraldo at Large:

Dave: That’s right, I think they got their drugs mixed up. There was a whole lot of discussion about the date rape drug, the allegation about the cocaine is just ludicrous and false. Natalee wasn’t a drug user and there’s not a shred of evidence in the police files that would suggest any drugs at all were used. Certainly this information didn’t come from the Dutch police. Even Joran’s own lawyer, Joe Tacapino categorically denied this theory.

Aruba talking heads

Dave also referenced the misinformation campaign that is alive an well that operates in Aruba and elsewhere. Let’s also add to this list many on the internet, both obvious and some wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing.

Dave: Geraldo, there’s a group of people, individuals on the island, reporters, disgruntled Aruban police investigators and the privately operated tourism department that are engaged in a disinformation campaign in an attempt.  

Geraldo: And this is part of it Dave

Dave: Yeah, they’re in an attempt to minimize Natalee’s disappearance on Aruba’s image and tourism. Several weeks ago

More from Jaine Pirro reagarding the convenient smearing of a victim who is not there to defend themselves.:

This is about trashing the victim, we do it all the time. How dare somebody say she died of a cocaine overdose when we don’t have her body, nobody can prove that. Date rape drug makes the most sense, Mark you’re absolutely right. I believe that’s what happened. (more of the interview)

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