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March 14, 2011

Canadian ‘Baby Joseph’ Gets Second Chance at Life in US Thanks to’ Priests For Life’

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Finally some good news …

Fr. Frank, Baby Joseph &  Joseph’s father, Moe (Courtesy of  Priests for Life.org)

The Canadian baby that has become known as “Baby Joseph” has got a second chance at life in the United States thanks to the organization “Priests for Life”. Thirteen month old Joseph Maraachli had been given up on by Canadian socialized medicine as the medical board overseeing “Baby Joseph’s” case was apparently convinced that giving him proper care was futile. Baby Joseph was close to being pulled off life support; however, “Priests for Life” stepped in and has provided a second chance for life.



Thirteen-month-old Joseph Maraachli, who is currently kept alive by a respirator and was recently denied a transfer to a Michigan hospital to undergo a tracheotomy, arrived in the U.S. early Monday morning with Fr. Frank Pavone and other Priests for Life staff.

“Priests for Life staff toiled through the night for many nights, working in concert with dozens of people to make this possible,” Father Pavone said in a statement. “Now that we have won the battle against the medical bureaucracy in Canada, the real work of saving Baby Joseph can begin.”

Watch the Video of Fr. Frank Pavone om FOX News discussing the case of Baby Joseph. Thankfully, he won. Much more at the Priests for Life website, Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life Leads Covert Mission to Rescue Baby Joseph.

Baby Joseph and his father, Moe Maraachli, were flown with Father Pavone to SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center in St. Louis, Mo., on a specially equipped air ambulance provided by Michigan-based Kalitta Charters, and sponsored and paid for by the New York City-based Priests for Life.

“If there is a chance this boy can live, we have to explore every option,” said Father Pavone, who was to arrive back home in New York earlier today after weekend speaking engagements in Cleveland. Instead, he flew to Detroit and then on to Canada, vowing not to leave the country until he had Baby Joseph and his father with him.

As stated by the Jawa Report, socialized medicine lost..for now.

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